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@tando you might be correct, but from the info provided I believe it is still unclear. I am asking about the passport check stage (when you are asked to take the passport to the overseas “embassy” for verification). In some other posts, it has seemed people did not get “approval” until after this step.

is it the step in Article 2 of the instruction?

Chinese version of the article says

So, maybe within 30days.

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Yep! That is it, thanks! I cannot read Chinese so just did a quick confirmation with my wife. So guess there’s a little flexibility but not really much at all.

Thanks as always, @tando

Interesting, I thought the resident authorization + ARC number assignment won’t come until after the passport check happens? My passport check was there for 42 days. So I figured one could start the application, and then “game” the start date of the gold card by stalling at the passport check stage.

Thanks for your report. Yeah it might not be a hard & fast rule, particularly due to the covid/closure complications. But I will assume I need to follow this 30-day limit…certainly will not push it for half a year or longer like I was hoping to do.

When can you reapply? Is there a window like you must reapply within x months of expiry or can you reapply whenever?

I’m seriously considering taking a remote job from a London company and then relocating to Taiwan. According to the FAQ, the Gold Card would be perfect for me “since it contains an open work permit that allows you to work for any employer”. However, elsewhere it states that the Gold Card is meant to be for “employment-seeking foreign individuals”. Does that mean I need to provide some evidence that I’m seeking or have found work in Taiwan when the time comes that I need to extend my stay?

“employment-seeking foreign individuals” sounds a bit like a carry over from the name of the legislation that introduced the gold card. It’s perfectly fine to work for an overseas employer and live in Taiwan on the gold card. Just make sure you fulfil your tax obligations in Taiwan :slight_smile:

When the time comes that your first gold card ends, the process to get another one is identical to getting your first one. So, whatever you do in that three years needs to produce the documents you need to qualify - whether it’s skills, salary, etc.

Thanks for the reply! That sounds amazing, almost too good to be true!

With regard to fulfilling the Taiwanese tax obligations… I know this has already been touched on, but I’m still a bit confused. Assuming that I’m getting paid in to a Taiwanese bank account, would I automatically be taxed in Taiwan and not in the UK?

It’s a pretty stellar visa :slight_smile: Come on in!

That’s probably worth asking a professional about. Standard disclaimers about being a random guy on the internet and not an accountant/lawyer etc, but … from Taiwan’s perspective, it doesn’t matter where the salary payment ends up. Tax in Taiwan is based on residence and physical presence (as with many OECD nations, and probably the UK too). Stay more than 183 days in a calendar year and you are a tax resident. Salary paid to you for work you complete while you are in Taiwan is taxable in Taiwan. You’ll input the number on your tax return and may be asked for documents to prove the number.

These seem relevant on the UK side:

Thanks! As you suggest, I’ll try to ask a professional, but that’s a good starting point.

@fifieldt I’m just got my work permit approved. I’ve worked in healthcare in all sorts of places have a decent amount of open source work that I did and won some competitions here and there. But given that I’m self employed I don’t pay myself a high salary for obvious reasons.

Does it make sense to apply as a tech worker or should I just pay myself a high salary for a while? I’ve also heard that there are people that have asked the government to change the salary requirement.

Also does the salary have to be in the past 3 months or could it also have been in the past?

Asking for a friend. He is currently in Taiwan visa-free but needs to exit the country to take care of some urgent business in the EU.

  • Is it possible to start the application process from within Taiwan but actually get the card abroad?

  • What’s the turn around time? Can you designate a TECO abroad to pick up the card?

Hi Tom-- please forgive my lack of technical expertise, as I didn’t know the best way to contact you. “olm” said you had expertise with Gold Cards, particularly a “magic link” I should inquire about. Please let me know how to proceed and compensate you for your assistance. Thanks very much for your time.

A highly relevant follow-up question would be: is tax paid in your foreign country credited in Taiwan? As if you are taxed at source on your foreign income at could wipe out your tax bill in Taiwan.

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The application lets you select any foreign or domestic location for pickup. I have no idea about the turn around time.

The tax question sounds like something to ask an accountant, but my best guess would be “no.” Many countries only tax income earned in country, but for example in the US, you technically have to pay taxes on any income no matter where it’s earned. So if you make money in Taiwan, you’d be responsible for paying taxes to both Taiwan and the US.

Here’s a question via a Canadian friend:

When applying for the Gold Card under the “economic” category, do you need to provide a T4 that breaks out Salary vs. other income? The problem emerges is if your compensation is provided through a combination of salary and dividends. On the Notice of Assessment you’d have the correct number that hits the thresh hold, but not if its just pure salary.

I realise that I can’t be given a definitive answer to this question, but my decision about whether to accept a permanent remote job from London or to extend the contract at my current job for another year rests on this.

I have five years’ experience as a technical writer and I get paid above NT$160,000. The Gold Card Qualification Check says I can apply for a Gold Card under either “Economics” or “Science and Technology” but, of course, it doesn’t tell me if I would get accepted.

The only reason I’m considering the remote job is so I could relocate to Taiwan.

Do you think I am likely to get accepted for the Gold Card?

I don’t know if this kind of additional information makes a difference, but I’ve worked at big companies like Facebook and, if I take the remote position, I would be a manager.

If you get paid above 160, apply under Economics and that’s it.
You will get accepted.

Thanks! That is fantastic news! :heart_eyes:

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