Gold Sovereign

Has anyone bought a Gold “sovereign” here or Gold bar. I think the bank of Taiwan sells them. Can anyone walk into the bank of Taiwan and buy a Gold coin ? Can you then sell it back ?
Additionally is there a place here that you pay a fee and they value jewelry at its minimum resale price, but the valuers do not actually buy or sell jewelry ? Say for example I had a diamond, gold or some other precious stones is there a good
place to get it valued here or would a person have to fly to Hong Kong ?

If you walk into a bank, buy a gold coin and sell it back, you are bound to lose money. There’s a buy-sell spread, like for foreign currency transactions.

Ok , thanks that makes sense. So, basically how would you buy physical Gold at close to market price ?

Not much of an expert on gold, but I would think as soon as you look for physical, it will come at a premium. Gold ETFs with low management fees should be the cheapest way to invest in gold and also the most liquid - so you won’t be stuck with a bag of gold when you want to sell.

Thanks for the info. I’m very curious as to how a jeweller gets his gold to shape into jewelry.

I know Bank of Taiwan sells gold but I never tried. The only other place I know where one can buy gold/silver bars/coins such as Canadian Maple or US Eagle/ Swiss Bars is They have daily spreads of their buy backs in gold. Physical store is next to QSquare.

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I’m looking to sell my Gold

I have 1oz US Gold Eagle/Lady Liberty coin 2017 (Mint condition)
1oz Credit Suisse Gold bar in safety packaging with barcodes, etc.
Also I have the receipts from purchase from Truney here in Taipei.
I’ll sell them for daily market rate, will definitely be cheaper than the 10% premium you’ll Pay from Bank of Taiwan or Truney.

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I’ve got a Toblerone, slightly soiled. Will accept $50 ONO.

I’m interested in the sovereign and maybe the bar, hit me up on PM. I want to value some stones too and do you know where to value them? Thanks

Tace, Bigge! Or you’ll wake up the gold “disc” dealer!

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I don’t like Kitco - because they only buy back gold you bought from them in the first place.
However - they do seem to have a store in Taipei (as well as HK). I have not been there - but they should be able to sell you gold bullion coins.
Price for 1 Oz is about US$45 over spot - which is not uncommon from dealers.