Golf driving range in Taichung city?

they seemed to be all over taoyuan county but i have not spotted any here in taichung city. anyone know??

You could check out the one near the intersection of Chung Teh Rd and Songshan Rd.
It’s actually on Sungshan Rd. Forget the number and sec. If you are heading north on Chung Teh Rd then turn left when you get to Sungshan Rd. Driving range should be on your right about 100 yards later. You can’t miss it anyway.

There’s one on Li-ming Lu (Road). If you’re on Shiang-Shang, and get to Li-ming, do a lefty and head south. You’ll see the nets on you’re right. NT200 for 100 balls, and he has a choice of clubs and drivers for free use.

Alternatively if you head up to the Dong Hai area, up Zhong Gang Lu (Road), there’s one on your left (shortly after you pass under the highway). Never been to that one.

Last, but not least, is the one on Wenshin Lu ( :unamused: Road), heading out to Da-keng. On you’re left, bit of a drive.

Enjoy! PM me if you wanna meet up for a hit-the-ball-over-the nets-session! :sunglasses: