Good accupuncturist/tui na recommendation needed

I’m in pain and need a good, professional accupuncturist and massage person in a clinic that also takes NHI. Preferably around the ChungHsiao DunHua to Taipei City Hall MRT lines as I will need to go regularly so would prefer to stay in-area.

I’m a believer in the benefits of Chinese medicine, but sadly the doctors I’ve seen so far are more interested in how I can speak Chinese than focussing on my treatment. So if anyone can give me a good recommendation that would be fantastic. PM if need be. Thanks!

PM Chris (that’s his Forumosan name) and ask for the place his wife goes to. I have been there many times with her and can attest to the skill of the acupuncturist and massage guy. You’ll want to make sure you get the massage guy we always go to as he’s the best of the lot there.

It’s around Zhongxiao Dunhua as a matter of fact. Just down from the Hess bookstore but I can’t remember the address or name and I gave the card I have to someone else.

Anyway, over the years I have been to various places and this is the best. And they take NHI.

i have a post on an accupuncturist on Neihu Rd. I’m sure you can find it with the search function. good luck. PS if you’re in HK, I know some good options.