Good Antique Store

Anyone have a recommendation for a good antique store with reasonably priced items? Looked at Art of Chen and Artasia today, but wondering what else is around. Looking for wooden cabinets, apothecary chest and windows. Please include address or general location :slight_smile:

There’s a really nice one opposite the old SOGO on Julin rd Yungho.

Are you looking for antiques or “antiques” … ? There are quite a few out in Linkou/Guishan, first exit after the toll station on No. 1 highway and then left towards the Chang Gong Memorial Hospital. Shops are in the area S/E of the hospital. Still overpriced, but better than most I’ve seen in Taipei. My experience so far: the more south you go, the lower the prices. I know some in Xinzhu as well, don’t know if you want to stray so far …

Antiques would be nice - but I am sure that “antiques” are more suited to our price range :unamused: . Recent reproductions of older styles would be okay.

Xinzhu is probably out of the question - unfortunately. Any ideas for places in Taipei?

… not really, sorry! We just moved up here a couple of months ago and the ones I’ve been to so far (in the Tianmu area) were extremely over-priced, at least in comparison to the price-level we’re used to from Xinzhu. I also found their insistence that everything I looked at was “old” very annouying as anybody with a couple of eyes could see that it was re-produced stuff, with a few old boards added for effect … I have some experience working with wood from a “former life”, but even without that it would be obvious! … I’ll post if I find something … Xpet.

Have you checked Lishui Jie (parallell to Yongkang Jie), going south from Hsin Yi Road? I’ve never been in any of the shops. But supposedly, it’s a good place to shop for antiques in Taipei, and I’m still trying to figure out a way to get my husband there when he’s in Taipei next time…


Hey Monkbucket: I thought you were moving overseas after I saw this post , if so why are you still trying to buy more furniture?

Good question … :slight_smile: Maybe we are just :loco: ?

There are just a few things we have always talked about getting one of these days and as the days are numbered, we are finally getting around to looking at them and seeing if we actually want to buy them.

And as we are shipping some of our lovely furniture :wink: back to the US - we figured we could add a few more things … :slight_smile: … maybe …


I am looking for antique and numismatics shops in Taipei. Old coins, old postcards, etc. Any ides where to find one?

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There is a little one off of Heping E on Taishun.

They have stuff sitting outside and I have no idea about quality/genuine levels so I won’t even comment on that.

hi guys can you help me with this antique? thanks … 5&t=121504