Good art galaries in Taipei and Taoyuan?

I love to visit art galaries. Anyone knows some good art galaries in Taipei or Taoyuan? I’m particularly fond of western oil-paintings.

Taipei museums frequently hosts visiting exhibitions. I’ve gotten a pretty good education in impressionist painting living here. Keep your eye on the events listings in local papers.

Down in Tainan, there is the Chi Mei Museum. Supposedly has the best collection of western painting in Asia.

hi viola,

i was particularly impressed with the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. It’s permanent exhibits range from the 1800’s to the present.

there were a lot of abstract which i like.

there is one oil painting from the 1970’s and it is so vibrant and so fragrant. it smelled like the oil was just put on. i don’t make a habit of smelling paintings, but this one was so fresh even after 3 decades that i had to waft my hand in front of it and smell the paint. my friends thought i was wacky.

it is a large museum. i was very impressed.

i also visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. It has some paintings, but also had a lot of installations. i like “found object” art, and it had one cool exhibit of this.

so i would say to put the Taipei Fine Arts Museum on your list for sure. it is just a few minutes walk east from the Yuanshan MRT station.

let me know if you come across any other great art museums as i will be in Taipei in march looking for myself.