Good-bye, Taiwan!

Good-bye, Taiwan! Just bought my plane ticket today. You were more fair to me than ill. My remaining two weeks here will no doubt give me many moments of recollection of my five years or so here. I am already emotionally jacked-up as I stroll around my little town humming my home nation’s song. Yeah, I should feel sad, but…nope-just not yet.

Good luck with your new adventures and let us know how things go.

Don’t close the door on your way out because I’m right behind you…next year.

Will definitely like to hear how you get on in your home country. I’ve been ‘home’ now for nearly a year after three+ in Taiwan… still havent settled in. Grass aint always greener I suppose.

Good luck to you! Do you happen to have kids? It would be great to see how a family with young children repatriates… I’d be happy to host a blog for you at Parent Pages.


All the best !

I just come back to Taiwan after a 1 1/2 year trial to resettle in my home country. Found out that the “first” 10 years in Taiwan made it too difficult for me to live and work back “home”. That’s why we returned.

Take a deep breath and hope you have a soft landing!

thanks. i’ll be doin frequent trips to china as part of my new employment. hopefully such’ll help salve any jonesin’.

We probably have a few common friends, good luck - I left once and came back as soon as I had the chance.

yeah, i am a bit afraid of having difficulties readjusting to back home like many of you had. such is my greatest qualm at this time. the job is lined up and waiting for me. nothing left to do but live life.

I lived in Taiwan from '89 to '96, then was back in the States from '96-'03. I struggled mightily at first on my return to the States. But, eventually I made it through grad school, landed a job and finally reached a point where I stopped looking back to my former life in Taiwan. It took a lot of patience and humility, but the US once again felt like home to me.

My main piece of advice is to be patient, it takes time (years) to adjust back to the West. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

An interesting job offer and a chance to wipe out grad loans in a couple of years has brought me back to do it all over again. :help: