Good cafe for espresso?

I will have go try if I have time. Thanks for the posting the info. (BTW I did not remember any good cafes around the Arc, just all the crazy traffic in the circle and noise. Hopefully Taipei is more relaxing)

Thanks and I will try it if time permits (I am there for work meetings, but will try free up some time as the location sounds interesting). I searched the menu for the Heritage did not see Espresso so maybe will try elsewhere for drinks if I can get it there (The prices are not so good for drinks so I would expect it to be better)

And how about your name or mates in the band, haha and discounts anywhere.

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I went to one next to this place, called Coffee club. Espresso was good, price at NT$100 was a bit higher than I normally (NT$40 to 60) pay. Nice view, open air cafe.


I mentioned this topic, my Taiwanese friend who is Taipei local, never been so close to the North Gate (Bei-Men) and I mentioned is post topic the shop worker and her thought no way Arc in Paris and here a little alike. I can say in Taipei, it very very quiet area with less cars and few people (North Gate in Kaoshuing is more busy and a road goes through the arc in KHH here), the circle in Paris is crazy busy (people and cars).


Mountain Kids has a second floor which affords a different perspective of the gate but not open air.

The comparison to Arc de Triomphe was actually made by Mayor Ko, who wanted to raise Taipei’s stature to that of Paris.


Nice view, but not Paris. (this could be good or bad)

The aesthetic and feel at Mountains Kids is much more like Tokyo (think Kiyosumi Shirakawa) than anything in Europe.


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