Good Clubs / Bars in Hsinchu

Hello everyone,

I never see this subject here, it’s why I want to ask you. I arrived in Taiwan 4 months ago, now I can speak english (I think ahah, I’m french) and my mandarin is not bad, I mean I can have a easy conversation during 3 hours without many problems.
Taiwan is a very great place and I love it. I have only one problem ! I can’t find a good place for find a girl, I mean not a bitch but a normal girl who is not affraid by foreigners and a little bit open mind.
I live in Hsinchu.

Of course I have many friends but it’s all like I invite u to do something, it’s very cool and after if I don’t invite u again I have no contact with u ahah :smiley:

So I would like to find a cool place with cool girls just for make friends and maybe more but not really a place with many girl just go to u because u are foreigners for one night if u know what I mean ! Or yes why not a kind of place like this, I think it’s all depend of the man. If u want play u can otherwise not…

SO SO SO my question is, do u know any places like a bar/clubs or other where I can meet cool girls in Hsinchu ?!

Thanks very much for ur answer !

This might help

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Can we conclude Hsinchu has no places like that - despite a high number of iT/ Tech foreigners living there - from which AFAIK , a good % are single?
A city which scores as 3rd most desired city in Taiwan to live in can’t be so laid-back no ?

Regrettably, yes, it can be so laid-back… Ok, thanks for ur reply ! I will check it !

Titty Tea (that’s a bar name) is pretty nice in Hsinchu (across the road in the sister city Zhubei).
The owner is a young guy from Chicago that’s married to a Taiwanese.

I found this link, although it may be somewhat out of date. Since Alamo Pub I know is still around, but Flying Pig is not.

Thanks for tittytea, I will go sea what’s happen here, look great !

And thanks wacow for ur link, help me a lot :slight_smile:

There’s a little bar alley just off the canal near the train station. Of them, Red Bar is always popping with foreigners & has a good happy hour to boot. It has a divey but cozy feel. From the station, just walk straight down the SOGO street toward the roundabout. Within two or three blocks you’ll see Tiny Bar Alley(?) adjacent to a high school.