Good Dentist in Taichung

Hi all, I’m looking for a good dentist in Taichung. Does anyone have any good experiences with theirs? Reasonably priced, professional is more important than being the cheapest. Thanks.

I went to George’s Dental Clinic. He studied in Germany and goes there for course several times per year. He speaks very good English and uses the newest technology. He is also very cheap. I paid 900 for two fillings all incl. without NHI. In Keelung I paid for one filling 1500 + 150 registration fee. So he is definitely cheap. He also has a couple assistants, the Keelung guy held all the instruments by himself cause he was alone…scary…


Address (approximate): No. 191-215, Gōngzhèng Rd, West District
Taichung City, Taiwan 403

Dr. George is my dentist, too. :+)

Yes I heard he is good too, anyone know a good one in Taipei?

really? that’s cool. I wouldn’t let him do my root channel though cause he is to fast, too many people wating out there… but is very good with normal dental stuff

Awesome! Thanks for that guys! I’ll give George a look up! Any other dentists anyone know of? Always good to have a standby in case of vacations etc…

here’s DR. George’s Address and tel. for anyone else wanting to check him out.

電話: (04)23023689
地址: 台中市西區公正路208號

Gotta checkup this Tuesday.