Good for Kids: Learn about Rainbow Colors at Rainbow Playground

Hey all,
I recommend checking out this Rainbow Playground in Taiwan. It’s a nice place to play outdoors for young kids, as well as an opportunity for them to learn about rainbow colors.

Address is here: 木頭公園( 兒童公園 ) 813高雄市左營區

It’s rated 4.3 out of 5, based on 1,100+ reviews, according to Google Maps.

Our family also made an educational video for kids during our visit of this rainbow colored playground. We learn about the colors of the rainbow. We go on a hunt to find different colored objects in the playground, play some games, and we even sing a fun, rainbow song. This is a great video if you have a 2-6 year old who loves rainbows, playgrounds and wants to learn about colors. Enjoy!

Watch the full video about rainbows here:

Mr Albie/Teacher/Host: Matthew Alberto (me)
Director/Producer: P. N. (my wife)
“Cubs” Voice Overs: Z. and N. (my kids)

Click here to watch the full video about Learning Colors of the Rainbow at Rainbow Playground for Kids + Rainbow Song:

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