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Recommended for Parents of 2-5yr olds: My family have been checking out the bounce houses/jumping castles at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Malls in Taiwan, which are really fun. :sauropod: We went to a dinosaur bounce house recently, which you can’t really find where I’m originally from.

We also made a fun, educational video recently, if any of you are interested. I was the host, my wife director, and 4-yr old as voiceover. The full video link is here:


Nice hat!

Hahaha, yeah custom-made in Taiwan

Recently, my kids and I visited a Science Museum in Taiwan to learn about insects & bugs. I highly recommend it. We also made a fun, kids learning video about it. Full video here:


  1. We see and touch real insects, like a stag beetle and baby rhino beetle. I get a little grossed out at first.
  2. I transform into a beetle (and get lost in the grass)
  3. The insect that can swim is just strange!

“Sometimes, you might feel that bugs and insects are gross and scary. I feel that way sometimes too. But bugs and insects can be marvellous and even beautiful, like the Jewel Case Beetle…Sometimes when you encounter something for the first time, you might feel negative about it. But if you learn about it, you might discover something new and interesting that can totally change your mind.” - Check out 15:00 where we see a real and magnificent Jewel Case Beetle.

Click on the image below to check out the video:

I highly recommend checking out the Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan. They’re only in bloom for a short time each year!

Recently, my family visited Cherry Blossoms in Southern Taiwan, and my kid loved it. Here’s the address.

地址: 花旗木步道, 723台南市西港區南45-1鄉道

Our family also made an educational video for kids during our visit of the Cherry Blossoms. It’s a video all about Cherry Blossom flowers, helping kids to appreciate nature, learn how to do flower arts and crafts, and learn about the science of paper and water. Plus, kids learn about being thankful, which I think is the most important thing. Enjoy!

WHAT WE LEARNED FROM IT: “Cherry blossoms in Taiwan :cherry_blossom: remind us that time is short and feels so fast. So, we need to really enjoy the good times, truly cherish the ones we love, and say a big THANK YOU to everything we have in life!” :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

Full YouTube video link is here:

Mr Albie/Teacher/Host: M. Alberto (me)
Director/Producer: P. N. (my wife)
“Cubs” Voice Overs: Z. and N. (my kids)

Click here to watch the full video about Learning About Cherry Blossoms for Kids:

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Good job.its so important to take kids outside to learn about nature.


Thanks @Explant for the kind words and encouragement.

If you’d like to stay up to date with the content I am publishing for kids, where we’ll take them to more places to learn in nature and more, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well.


Also, let me know if you have any topics or nature spots you would like to see us cover, that would help you.

Have a great week!
Matthew Alberto
I help kids develop a love of learning through fun, educational videos

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There are so many cool spots. I think being accessible to both smaller kids and seniors would be a plus. The places i used to like taking kids a lot were alishan for forests, tanmjngshan for “volcanoes”, the kenting aquarium for ocean life (i dont like zoos, but they seem better than most if we ignore mammoth sized captives) and that geological park somewhere past Keelung…i forgot the name. So many amazing.places.

Will share you r channel with my dayghters friends parents :slight_smile:

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Hi @Explant thanks for all of those great suggestions!
We’re actually planning to check out and potentially do filming at the Kenting aquarium next month, so stay tuned for that.

Also, thanks in advance for sharing our channel with your daughter’s friends’ parents. We appreciate it. :grinning:

Matthew Alberto
I help kids develop a love of learning through fun, educational videos

Hey all,
I recommend checking out this Rainbow Playground in Taiwan. It’s a nice place to play outdoors for young kids, as well as an opportunity for them to learn about rainbow colors.

Address is here: 木頭公園( 兒童公園 ) 813高雄市左營區

It’s rated 4.3 out of 5, based on 1,100+ reviews, according to Google Maps.

Our family also made an educational video for kids during our visit of this rainbow colored playground. We learn about the colors of the rainbow. We go on a hunt to find different colored objects in the playground, play some games, and we even sing a fun, rainbow song. This is a great video if you have a 2-6 year old who loves rainbows, playgrounds and wants to learn about colors. Enjoy!

Watch the full video about rainbows here:

Mr Albie/Teacher/Host: Matthew Alberto (me)
Director/Producer: P. N. (my wife)
“Cubs” Voice Overs: Z. and N. (my kids)

Click here to watch the full video about Learning Colors of the Rainbow at Rainbow Playground for Kids + Rainbow Song:

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All schools, libraries & museums are closed now. Playgrounds are locked up too. :no_entry_sign::x::cry:

When things are out of your control like this, it can be difficult for kids and parents to deal with it and put into words how you feel.

We’ve made a number of fun, educational videos for kids around Taiwan before the recent spike in Covid cases. This particular episode was made before the current lockdown and co-vid surge at a dog indoor playground bounce house.

On the surface, it’s about a silly playground, or how to take care of your dog. :dog: But the deeper lesson in it is about how to identify, communicate and deal with emotions that kids and adults have to deal with in life. Hopefully, this video can help you and your kids during these times.

Search “cub wings dog” in YouTube, or click here to watch the full video about dogs, indoor playgrounds & emotions here:

Mr Albie/Teacher/Host: Matthew Alberto (me)
Director/Producer: P. N. (my wife)
“Cubs” Voice Overs: Z. and N. (my kids)
Cherry B (Real Shiba Inu Dog): Hamil
Special Thanks to Lulu & her Flower Shop

Our family is stuck at home for the next few weeks, so this may be the last normal episode we release for a while. We were in the middle of filming our next episodes, but we’ve had to cancel that for now. That makes me feel sad and upset, just like Cherry B in this episode. :weary:

Even though we’re stuck at home, I still hope and encourage all kids to have learning adventures through books, games and play at home. Some of the best learning & fun can still happen with your imagination.

For more of our free, fun educational videos for kids, made in Taiwan, check out our video channel by clicking here: Cub Wings - Kids Learning Videos

Hopefully these videos help you and your kids out during these times. Stay safe!


For kids and families stuck in lockdown, this video might help you.

Today’s latest Cub Wings episode features the BUBBLESAURUS Dinosaurs is called “Learn About Dinosaurs for Kids | Help Baby Dinosaurs Bubble Roar”.

You can watch it here:


How this Episode Can Help You & Your Kids…
Mr Albie creates a world of bubble dinosaurs, teaching the Cubs all about bubble dinosaurs using our imagination. Mr Albie shows the Cubs some baby dinosaur bubble eggs that hatch baby dinosaurs! But there’s one problem, the baby bubble dinosaurs don’t know how to roar bubbles yet. The baby dinosaurs don’t have confidence and are feeling shy.

This educational video for kids helps children learn imaginative play, to think creatively, encourage confidence, gain problem-solving skills and learn about dinosaurs and bubbles.

Stay safe everyone, and let me know if you have any suggestions for feedback that can help you and your kids.

Mr Albie
Teacher, Show Host & Chief Learning Adventurer
Cub Wings

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