Stuck at home? Here are FREE, fun, educational videos for kids...made in Taiwan

All schools, libraries & museums are closed now. Playgrounds are locked up too. :no_entry_sign::x::cry:

When things are out of your control like this, it can be difficult for kids and parents to deal with it and put into words how you feel.

We’ve made a number of fun, educational videos for kids around Taiwan before the recent spike in Covid cases. This particular episode was made before the current lockdown and co-vid surge at a dog indoor playground bounce house.

On the surface, it’s about a silly playground, or how to take care of your dog. :dog: But the deeper lesson in it is about how to identify, communicate and deal with emotions that kids and adults have to deal with in life. Hopefully, this video can help you and your kids during these times.

Search “cub wings dog” in YouTube, or click here to watch the full video about dogs, indoor playgrounds & emotions here:

Mr Albie/Teacher/Host: Matthew Alberto (me)
Director/Producer: P. N. (my wife)
“Cubs” Voice Overs: Z. and N. (my kids)
Cherry B (Real Shiba Inu Dog): Hamil
Special Thanks to Lulu & her Flower Shop

Our family is stuck at home for the next few weeks, so this may be the last normal episode we release for a while. We were in the middle of filming our next episodes, but we’ve had to cancel that for now. That makes me feel sad and upset, just like Cherry B in this episode. :weary:

Even though we’re stuck at home, I still hope and encourage all kids to have learning adventures through books, games and play at home. Some of the best learning & fun can still happen with your imagination.

For more of our free, fun educational videos for kids, made in Taiwan, check out our video channel by clicking here: Cub Wings - Kids Learning Videos

Hopefully these videos help you and your kids out during these times. Stay safe!

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