Good GP in Shilin/Tianmu?

Does anyone know of a competent, English-speaking GP in the Shilin/Tianmu area? For years, people have been recommending Dr. Kao, but I’d like to try someone else the next time I have need of a GP. I’ve been to Dr. Kao a total of three times now (spread out over 3 or 4 years) and each time I leave feeling frustrated and angry. The man has a habit of making a hasty, dismissive diagnosis based on bias and preconception - a diagnosis which turned out to be wrong each time (in my case, at least).

I’m specifically looking for a clinic that is not the OPD of a hospital.

Apologies if this question has been answered in a different/older thread. I did a thorough search before posting but couldn’t find anything.


What’s the advantage of going to a GP? Maybe you could just go see the appropriate specialist(s) at a hospital?

I didn’t get the impression that GPs here were particularly common/useful/competent.

I’d go straight to a specialist if I knew which specialist to go to. Hence the GP. It seems a bit obvious, no?

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Thanks for the snark haha, but no it doesn’t seem obvious. You presumably know which part of your body has a problem and consequently which specialist to try - it’s not that hard.

The reason for my comment is that it’s quite common in Taiwan to go directly to the appropriate specialist, and you don’t need a referral from a GP like in some other countries. Since you were asking about GPs, I thought you might not know that.

I am actually aware of that.

Indeed. Some symptoms have causes that are less apparent, however. That’s where the person with a medical degree comes in.

No snark intended, just genuine puzzlement.

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Andrew is right- go directly to the hospital. When in Rome…

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Sure. In which case, maybe a hormonal thing (endocrinologist, or urologist if male and potentially testosterone-related) or autoimmune thing (rheumatologist) or brain/neural thing (neurologist), etc. And if/when they show up nothing, they can refer you to a colleague.

My point is I think it’s better to go to the most suitable looking among the specialists at an actual hospital that can test for stuff and rule possible causes out. GPs don’t seem to be common here, with the closest at most hospitals being “family doctors” that mostly appear to deal with vaccinations and lifestyle stuff like quitting smoking. But I’d definitely favor hospital doctors over family medicine/GP clinics, because they simply have more resources available to conveniently test for stuff. My experience with family doctors and clinics in general has been overwhelmingly poor.

I understand your point and I would agree with it, in most cases. I am no stranger to how OPDs in hospitals work in this country. But for me in this particular case it would be useful to know of someone who could act as a first point of contact for further specialized care.

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Veteran General Hospital in Shipai. They all speak English. They write all scripts, diagnosis, notes, etc. in English so they are practically required to be fluent in English.

If dismissive diagnosis is a problem then find another doctor. There are hundreds at VGH. Clinic isn’t where you should go unless it’s for a specialist visit because GP clinics are limited as to the treatments they offer. VGH will have everything at their disposal.

Even family doctors at VGH can refer you if necessary.

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Yes. You can make a family medicine appointment at any major hospital, and the doctor will make an assessment and refer you to an appropriate specialist.

Dr. Bear clinic


Yeah. That is the point of this post.

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Thanks. I’ve heard of this place, but I thought it was a pediatrician?

It’s a family clinic. They see a lot of kids, but I go there as an adult. I switched to them from Dr. Kao many years ago.


That’s good to know. Thanks for the tip.

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