Good GPS map for PalmOS?

ok I just purchased treo 650 today…I like it but it’s palmOS so it came with showmap 3.5…I heard there are a lot of problem with showmap? I hope showmap isn’t the only GPS map for palmOS…what’s a good GPS map for palmOS? btw I have Holux 236 BT…the guy said it’s decent I wonder if it’s ok…I like papago but laptop is too big to carry around and papago ain’t available in palmOS…any help will be really appreciated

oh man Taiwan only make showmap for PalmOS map…and I heard it sucks…not sure about the exact problems…

anyone can recommend any decent Taiwan map made by tomtom or whatever? I just need a good map damnit!

Unfortunately you’re stuck with Showmap. The GPS market in Taiwan isn’t that big and it’s pretty dominated by Win Mobile based devices.

I personally use a standalone GPS from Garmin.

is that in English or Chinese? it’s Garmin’s map eh soI guess it’s in ENglish? how is it

Mine (Garmin Quest) is all Chinese, unfortunately. The C320 has an option to turn the menus into English but I don’t know about the actual map data though.

hmm…how much for one of those?

ya I think I need a new one…showmap is just TRASH…papago is much better…man o man I spend so much money on treo 650 most for GPS and now :frowning: this sucks…maybe I will get garmin stand alone…but maybe I will get pda…so on my bike I can use it too…

Quest was NTD14900 when I bought it earlier this year. It has built-in battery and is waterproof. I understand that Garmin also has a bike mount accessory for it.

C320 was NTD18500 when I was shopping around but I heard that they dropped the price. But it’s for in-car use only.