Good Gyms and Trainers in Taipei 2021

With government-induced quarantines, a love of gaming, and a general sweet tooth I’m becoming a real fat ass.

I used to go to World Gym but I found their prices to be hilariously expensive for a gym pass + trainer. It was more than a big city in North America?

So where should I go? Hopefully, not one that will lock me into a 88-year contract.

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Try adding drinking and fast food to the mix for better performance.

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Move into an apartment complex with its own gym

What area are you in? There are plenty of pay by the minute or session gyms around.

Near Zhongshan Station. I don’t mind a contract, I just don’t want it to be a huge rip off like World Gym.

Some Drop-in Gyms in Taipei suggestions

this one is near Zhonghsan station and has single , monthly and subscription (maybe 1 year?)

A nearby 24hour gym

Also you can go to the Sport Center 臺北市中山運動中心 ,
gym is 50ntd per hour and 1350ntd for 30 hours (45 days)

So many good cheap gyms these days. Even World Gym is upping its game and stopping the bullshit to compete

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