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I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good gynecologists here in Taipei, preferably female. I had a really offputting experience with a male doctor at a hospital here when it came time for a nether-regions check. It was so painful and embarrassing that I actually feel a full body shudder and nausea when I think back to it. I can’t go back there. Can someone help me, as well as anyone else who needs this information, by sharing what you know? Thanks!


This Gynaecologist is very good. I don’t have any first hand experience because I have testicles, but she is highly recommended by those I know that have needed her services, including 4 nurses that I know. She is apparently worth travelling to Shu-Lin for.

She studied abroad and all her certifications come from the West, but I can’t remeber which country.

The address

No. 30, Gen chien street, Shu Lin City, Taipei County.

Telephone number (02) 2684 2579

Dr. Tsai

Get the train to shu Lin from Taipei Station. As you come out of the station, turn left and the practice is about 100 yards on the left.

Shu Lin is about 20 minutes from Taipei by train.

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There’s a fair bit of info on this in the women’s forum.


No doubt. Some of us have wives/girlfriends who are interested in this info. I hope this thead will not be moved the Woman’s Forum.


No doubt. Some of us have wives/girlfriends who are interested in this info. I hope this thead will not be moved the Woman’s Forum.[/quote]

It has just become sticky here for that reason.


This is roughly cut and pasted from a previous post that I made in the women


I like Bernice Chen at Chung Shan Hospital on Ren Ai Road.

Chung Shan Hospital
11 Jen Ai (Ren Ai) Road, Section 4
Lane 112
(02) 2708-1177

I’ve seen three other doctors but she is the most gentle and that’s what I like about her. I’m extremely uncomfortable about pelvic exams despite all the experience I’ve had with childbirth–but I’m just :loco: . The one thing that I will be asking the next time I see her, however, is that her nurse not peek over her shoulder at me. I felt like a freak show. (or is that common practice here, for the nurse to see what’s going on?)


Yea I’ve been to Bernice Chen twice and found not only is her english great but she is patient and willing to discuss concerns with you. As for the nurses peeking over the doctors shoulders, I think it’s part interest (WA!!! a forgien P#$#Y) and the occational assistance. But if you feel uncomfortable, Dr. Chen will ask her nurse to leave…Gcat so sorry you went thru all that. Your experience is a shame and really scared me…I hope that everything got better.


Thanks so much for all of your input and experiences; I really appreciate all the good advice. It wasn’t the kind of thing I could ask about at work, so this is terrific. I will see Dr. Tsai (the lady) on Monday. Thanks so much again! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

Does anybody know where I can get a PAP test in Taipei? I would also need a doctor who speaks English…


PM Erhu. She’s the moderator for the Women’s Forum. Post your query there. I’m sure someone there will help you with some info…Good Luck!


Exactly as Wookie says . . but I’d add that any of Taiwan’s main hospitals can offer whatever you want in English if needs be.

Just go there and speak English, someone will help you, guaranteed.



There’s a sticky at the top called ‘good gynocologists’ All those mentioned would be able to help you.


Tri-Service General Hospital
Ting Zhou Rd. (near Gongguan or Taipower Building MRT stations)

Dr. Jah-yao Liu
02 87923311 ext 16935

He speaks very good English, he’s polite and patient and works in the same way as any European gynecologist I’ve ever been to.

He works there only Monday evenings 6 to 9 pm (you can check by phone at which other hospital he works)

I got my PAP back in 10 days. The paper is in Chinese, but if you know PAP language, all you need is for someone to tell you which is 1, 2, 3 etc.


Does anyone know of any good, reliable urology clinics in Taipei that perform circumcision services? Would be a plus if the pricing is reasonable as well :slight_smile:

I’ve looked through the forum histories and haven’t seen similar topics, but I might’ve missed it, so I’ll apologize in advance if this has been asked before.


As a sidenote to this topic, women with National Health Insurance should be warned that Pap smears are not covered for women under 30, so you might be paying a couple of thousand NT$ for the test. Still probably cheaper than a visit to any western GYN, but more than the few hundred you would expect here.


there is a largish urology hospital on jianguo s rd just south of hoping (west side). i won’t vouch for their circumcision services. might be better off at one of the big hospitals, i like chang geng.


i recently had what would have to be the most comfortable pap smear possible. there were pink curtains, relaxing music, and though the doctor was male, he was very kind and best of all: it wasn’t uncomfortable. not even a little bit! i was so worried about this that 've been putting it off for years, and it was a piece of cake! as i’m not yet thirty, i did have to pay, but i believe the cost was 300nt$, not thousands. in any case, it was a small enough amount that i’ve already forgotten. the clinic is in danshui and is open six days a week until 9:30(sat only morning, wed fri no morning). the adres is zhong shan bei lu # 179. it’s directly across from a blockbuster and about a five minute bus ride from the danshui mrt station. tons of buses go up that road from the mrt. good luck, girls!


I’d also recommend Bernice Chen. I may be making this up (haven’t been back a long time), but I think she also speaks Tagalog.


Yes she does. She’s taiwanese but grew up in the Philipines and still goes home every year.