GOOD Hinet Customer Service--ENGLISH!

I’ve just gone through a load of crap with my Hinet ADSL account.
It was all going so wrong until I finally got ahold of someone in Customer service support who:

  1. Spoke extremely good technical English, and
    2)Knew his business and could walk me through the troubleshooting steps until my problem was resolved.

Hinet gives this (0800080412)number to call when you need support, but it takes ages to get past the machine, and when you do, you end up talking to someone who doesn’t know what he’s/she’s doing.
Luckily, I found Alan, and you can reach him directly at: 0422262744
He also told me that two others on the staff were good and could speak English, Kevin and Toey (sp?), but I’m not so sure they’re as good as him.

It turned out that my ADSL software had a bug in it and went keput after eight months of use! I was originally told by other CSRs that it was my line and I waited for three days for it to restore while having to use internet cafes…
Yesterday, Alan guided me through reinstallation and set up and then tonight, I ran into yet another snag and had to set up a new connection with his support.
Thank god I found him as Hinet ADSL is a bitch of a problem at times. Now I know I can just ring Alan in the future and he will be kind enough, and patient enough, and competent enough, to help me with whatever more bugs I encounter from Hinet. I feel like writing to his boss to tell them how much I appreciate that.
So, if you’re having a time setting up your ADSL from Hinet (I’ve known loads of people who do because the installers are pretty lame and there’s always a bit of trouble if you have only English Windows), ring Alan. He’s the man!

Actually Alan can also be reached if you call 0800080412 and ask for
You2 Shi4an1 [or maybe just Alan], toll free. [shi4jie4de5shi4, an1jing4de5an1]