Good iphone alternatives

That’s even more of a ripoff then.

No comment about all the stuff you wrote about repairs. Yes, I know Apple has a shitty repair policy. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t bought Apple stuff in over a decade. I’m not sure why you’re mentioning that though tbh, doesn’t seem too relevant. :man_shrugging:

Ah well, up to you, if you’re happy paying so much and think you can afford it, go for it. It’s not coming out of my bank account! :man_shrugging:

So how is your Google pixel? Is it good?

For me battery is the biggest thing, but if it’s in warranty then it’s going to be fixed by Google. Third party repairs is only considered once warranty is out.

Google pixel 7 battery replacement is only 799nt.

Google does not block third party repairs like apple.

It’s relevant because battery is often the first to break.

I don’t drop phones but a bumper case would be standard equipment.

I’m paying NT$799 for my new sony xperia I just got. 36 month contract unlimited 5g data.

It’s fine. I’ve had it 7 months now. It does phone stuff, and it does them fine. I can’t be bothered writing a detailed review, and as I said above I’m not a phone person.

If you want a review, there are loads on YouTube. There’s also a separate Google Pixel thread.

That’s all I need to know. I just need it to do phone stuff. I don’t play games. Stuff like response time, autocorrect, battery life, and charging speed is important to me.

Edit: I just did the math, 19,000 divided by 48 months is 395nt. So it’s basically a long term zero interest installment for the phone.

I also see they offer the Sony Xperia 1iv but it’s rather expensive, requiring you to pay 1599 and you must still pay 4990 for the phone. Xperia appears to be high end gaming phone.

Samsung makes no phones in China. Since 2019.