Good matchmaking agencies for couples?

But there are many, I mean many church girls who are perpetually single, not because of a lack of suitors, but because her requirements are not realistic.

Depends on the church. The LDS church for the most part members get married fast and young.

Yea except there marriage tends to be strongly encouraged and they match you based on their needs.

I still want mine.

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Shouldn’t the title be Good Matchmaking Agencies for Singles? This thread title reads like someone is looking for a swinger’s service.


Which is not entirely unreasonable!

I agree that the OP has a better chance if he goes to church, but just turning up on Sundays won’t work. You have to be pretty involved in church activities to be on the radar of the elders who like to do matchmaking.


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I feel tricked every time I click this thread.

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As they say: click early, and click often.


(1463) Samantha Fox - (Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But the Pants Stay On - YouTube

The New Testament, so I’ve recently read, was originally written in Greek and “sin” was an archery term for “missing the mark.”

Kinda takes the eternal damnation edge off of having fun outside the parameters of social norms and familial expectations.

I think I’ve been told that by the church too.

But at the end of the day, good works don’t save because everyone sinned. So acting within societal norms do not save you, faith in Jesus does.

Well, within the confines of certain religions, sure. I’ll go with Seneca. He had an actual job, not like some sandaled hippie flake I’ve heard of hanging out with a bunch of failed fishermen. :upside_down_face:


It seems to have first been a translation of the Hebrew OT term I guess

Like “麵包” in basketball. Oh I can see the translation issues now. What fun.

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The less frequent but more theological word peša’ indicates defiance toward God. It denotes a transgression, the violation of the rights of others, setting the rebellious sinner against God as it sets people one against another. It is a word reserved for Israel’s sin.

Yikes, imagine having your own word for a transgression against god. Man, them Jews. They know how to make a story stick with you. No wonder the NT changed it to like, getting felt up in the back seat of a Jeep before marriage.

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