Good place to buy sunglasses?

Hi folks,


Prada or Gucci aren’t really my style, I’m afraid, so I haven’t really been looking.

You’re best bet’s probably going to be around Warner Village or Taipei 101. Maybe check out Mitsukoshi (sp?) close to Taipei City Hall MRT station too.

Those stores would have outrageous prices. I assume that the markup on sunglasses is close to watches. About 30% I would imagine.

Well, what can I say? Those brands have high RRPs. You could always go to the market and get some REALLY cheap, but you know…

Dude, you’re talking Prada and Gucci. Prices are going to be outrageous wherever you get 'em (assuming that they’re not knockoffs).

The wife and I just got some Simon Yam prescription glasses, and they come with these really cool magnetic clip on sunglasses.

…costs about what you’re willing to pay…somewhat less even.


There’s a store in Warner Village in the movie theater complex with a good selection of designer stuff.

Prices for designer sunglasses will be the same regardless where you go. If you’re looking to get a pair cheaply, well, they’re fakes.

I’m not up to date on prices, but 5000NT might be just a bit low for Prada or Gucci…

Price of designer shades are quite consistent in North America and here. My shades cost US$ 300 at the Sunglass Hut in San Jose, which is around NT$ 10500. (But you might be able to get like Prada 2002 Fall Collection or something for NT$ 5000… :idunno: )

Can you find RayBan or Revo sunglasses anywhere in Taipei? I think those two brands offer the best value concerning price, quality and style. Looking around the net at models and prices, the designer glasses don’t seem to be the best value.


RRP=Recommended Retail Price (Set by the manufacturer)


RRP=Recommended Retail Price (Set by the manufacturer)[/quote]
Cool. Never heard RRP. Only know of MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price).

Hmmm… must be a UK thing (RRP, that is).

Raybans are sold everywhere, I have also heard that Revo’s are here and Oakley is sold in Sogo and I saw a boutique shop about a year or so ago in the Core Pacific Mall (Jing Hua Cheng) Sunglasses are everywhere in Taiwan, keep searching. if you know what you’re looking for and don’t want to get ripped off.

I’ve always found the sunglass shops on Tong Hwa Street to be pretty good. Most of them are a little south of the market on Tong Hwa street itself.

They don’t have Prada or anything but they do have Ray Bans, guccis, hugo boss etc. The prices are resonable (from $2000-4000) but the label prices usually say $6000-9000. All you have to do is ask how much they cost and the price usually halves. Then you can usually bargin for a little more off. Once they recognize you (I’ve bought my last 3-4 pairs there) the bargins get a lot better.