Good places to buy DIY parts in Taichung


Just wondering where the best places to get computer parts from in Taichung city ?

I think I have been to Nova, but did not find it that good.

I am mainly looking for Western Digital hard disks, Scythe or Noctua fans and Intel SSD drives.

Apart from Nova, the best place I know of in Taichung is the area around the train station–there are many, many computer hardware shops around there, and lots of general electronics stuff, too. WD hard drives are available just about anywhere that sells any kind of hardware, Nova and 3C included. I’ve never looked for any of the other stuff, though, so can’t tell you specifically where to find that. Good luck.

Generally speaking, regardless of city in the 'wan, there are generally smaller 'tronics shops scattered near NOVA “stores” (more like “building with booths”).

certain high dollar brand name stuff aside, you can get pretty much anything under the sun at Nova, but anything too far above middle of the road will require a special order most times… Most places on the 2F of Nova Taichung should be accommodating, at a price…