Good places to stay in BeiJing?

China + Internet information = Angry

Seriously, I have never had so much trouble finding clear information on accommodations. We have been checking things out online and what we have found is that a majority of websites will use bogus pictures in their advertising. In checking customer reviews, time and time again they say, “it’s nothing like the picture”, or “extra charges for everything”, or “it’s a scam, stay away”.

There must be decent accommodations available, so I’m hoping to start a thread of first hand testimonials of Beijing accommodations. For us, we are looking to stay in the Dong Cheng, Chao Yang, or Chong Wen districts close to the Forbidden City. There are lots of 4-5 star hotels, but what about more affordable locations? One thing we have been looking at is service apartments, or self-catered apartments. But, reviews are very necessary for these. From what we have heard, hostels are not really a travelers friend in China, as they are a migrant workers top choice, so Western ideals of what a hostel is my be smashed as you enter.

Will post what we find out there when we get back, but please share your experiences.

Three years ago I wrote a series of hotel and hostel reviews on Beijing but I can’t be certain how up-to-date they are. However, most of the hostels were excellent and not places for migrant workers (they would be too expensive).

A great option is the old courtyard houses. They cater pretty much to western travellers as Chinese would rather stay in a Holiday Inn (more modern). The lastest LP China is available for download now. Research was done last summer so it’s very up-to-date. … apters.jsp

For what it’s worth now, I stayed in Lusongyuan, a Qing courtyard. Also stayed in Beijing Saga Youth Hostel, Bamboo Garden (another courtyard), Haoyuan (courtyard) and Peking Downtown Backpackers Accommodation (which is very close to Forbidden City). All were good.

When I was there a year and a half ago, I stayed at the Far East International Youth Hostel. It should be in the LP but I’ll send you the address if you ask. There was a hotel / hostel on one side of the lane and a courtyard hostel on the other. It was about a 20 minute walk from the south side of Tienanmen, so add another 15 for the Forbidden City. It was in a cool hu tong, and was just a bit outside the overly touristic part. They had pretty good tours, a good breakfast buffet, and the social scene was quite lively. Just don’t trust to their wake-up calls, especially if you are flying! Oh, and BTW, watch out for scams in Beijing.