Good places to study

Anyone know of any?

A place where I can spread out me books, sit down and study for a couple of hours. I went to shida, but you need a card to get in :frowning: . I did some searching and came up with THIS page. It’s a big list of libraries and it would take me a while to check them all.

Coffe shops, libraries, bookstores anything you would recomend.


Miltonkind, have you tried the central library in Taipei? It is found on most any map, not far from the Presidential Palace and the Chiang Kai Shek memorial?

You’ll need to get a library card if you’re going to go very often. If you just go ocassionally, you can get a one-day card by filling out a form at the gate.

I like the library for the number of journals and source materials available. Some of my local friends complain that it is too crowded, but it never is when I go (usually weekends).

I haven’t been to a single library in Taiwan without needing to show ID or get a pass, which is a bit different from home.

The main branch of the Taipei city library is on JianKuo b[/b] South road, across from TaAn park. No ID needed to get in. Same for all of the small branch libraries. Only University libraries and the national library (the one near CKS memorial) require ID just to get in the door, as far as I know.

That’s good news. I always go to uni libraries or the central library. Good to know a urine and blood sample are not required for the muni libraries.