Good selection of CD

Where can I find a place that have good selection of CD? I find most music stores dont have much english CD and most of them are pop/hip pop and stuff, too few rock albums…

FNAC is the asiaworld shopping centre is pretty good. Probably the best in Taipei that I have seen.Here’s a map: … ping_Plaza

Also, Rose Music stores around the place are good too.

i like eslite on dunhua.

Rahimiii, I’m not sure if you live in Taipei or not but reading through some of your old posts you were aware there was a Rose records near the train station. There’s a second hand shop not too far from there just around the corner(though it seems it is not often open) and a reasonable CD shop across from it. It looks like a DVD/VCD store but is more than that. Incidentally both stores carry some newer rock on vinyl.

I can’t type Chinese but the second hand shop is marked with the sign 2(followed by the Chinese character for hand) then CD after that and there’s a TCR also not too far from the trainstation (opposite the Y.M.C.A) that has a better than average(for Taiwan) selection of Rock CDs. There used to a be a good secondhand Cd shop not too far from here but the last couple of times I’ve been to see if it’s open it hasn’t been.

The Rose Records store near the train station in Taichung seems to have disappeared in the last few months. The used CD store near Chungyo department store has also disappeared.

I’m also bummed out that SmokeCDs in New Zealand no longer deliver to Taiwan.

Second this; the cd place in the very basement (B3?) of the Eslite building on the corner of DunHua S. Rd. and AnHe Rd has a great selection of popular and more obscure recordings. Great selection of jazz and art house DVDs, as well.

The rose record near Taipei train station got turned into “Fortress” which is basically an overpriced electronics store. At the time I thought maybe Rose records have ceased to exist… I heard there’s a Tower Record near Ximen or something, is that right?

There was a Tower records (that had a really good CD selection) near the Ximending MRT station but that disappeared a while back.

Hey rahimiiii, there’s a really cool second hand music and book shop by the YongKang park. They carry EV-ER-Y-THING. It’s really close to that place where they sell the famous “Shaved Mango Ice.” And darn I didn’t write down the address of the place. It’s in the basement, I remember. Next time I’m there I’ll post the address.

probably cause everyone here only listen to that crap from tsai I-Ling so stores that carries anything more goes out of business… somebody ought to start a rock station in Taiwan or something, I really miss those rock stations back in Texas…

[quote=“rahimiiii”]probably cause everyone here only listen to that crap from tsai I-Ling quote]

Hey, don’t diss Jolin; she rocks! :howyoudoin:

[quote=“citizen k”][quote=“rahimiiii”]probably cause everyone here only listen to that crap from tsai I-Ling quote]

Hey, don’t diss Jolin; she rocks! :howyoudoin:[/quote][/quote]

I dont know, I dont like people singing like they’re some kids, I prefer some real music, Jay sounded acceptable, but half the male singers sings like little girls… plus it seems just about everyone here listens to that stuff… who listens to Hendrix here anyways?

There’s also couple of good CD stores in Hsinchu. Both are not far from the Hsinchu train station. The Rose Store has a good western selection upstairs.