Good short hikes near Taoyuan train station

What are some nice and short hikes (can’t last too long when it’s 36 degrees) around Taoyuan train station.
Looking for some nature.

Walk to Thai town?

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Hutoushan (虎頭山) is probably the closest to the train station. It’s about a 40 minute walk to get there, though.

You could get a YouBike at the train station and ride to Hutoushan. I believe the closest YouBike station is probably here.

GoShare might be an option, but the area immediately around the train station and also around Hutoushan is out of GoShare’s boundary, so you’d still have some walking.

Taoyuan Bus number 125 goes from the train station and makes a stop at Hutoushan. Here’s the route in Chinese. Catch the bus here and get off here. There may be other stops within the park.