I have now made it to the US. Spent some tense moments in secondary but after that I was waved through. I am now officially a lawful permanent resident.


Well done TL. I know you weren’t really happy here. Hope it works out.


Congrats! Don’t be a stranger.


Congrats, that’s what you were hoping for.

What did you do with all that machinery you acquired here for working the wodd?


Hurrah, I hope you can pursue luthiery to your hearts content now. How does
it feel to be back?


Sweet! Happy holidays!


Nice one, TL. I’m happy for you.


Happy trails!


Wishing you success and happiness in your new endeavor. Jiayio!


Best of luck there, TL! I enjoyed meeting you, and am happy with my guitar’s setup. I wish you success with your luthiery back home!


Too early to tell. As for the machines it got sold well below market price… it’s what happens when there is no market for woodworking in Taiwan.

Honestly it felt weird. I was expecting sunny weather in LA instead it rains like it’s never been (and I have never seen LA rain like this before). It’s as if God decided to reward America by ending its drought.


All the best Taiwan Luthiers. I’m sure you will find your niche now you’re back in the States where your skills will find better remuneration. My philosophy would be: take what you can get, then look for something better. What are you going to do, set yourself up again eventually? Anyway, the best of luck!


I want to go back to school, finish that Geology degree that I never finished.

I figure a Geologist have a much better starting salary than a luthier could ever dream of.


Yeah it’s been raining the past few days in California, which is weird. We like the rain out here though since we almost never see it! Except for when we’re driving. And we’re usually driving…


The drainage system here can’t handle rain at all. Rains like this in Taiwan all the time and streets don’t flood. Here there were a lot of flooding.


First day there and already compalining :laughing:

BTW, streets in Taiwan do flood.


Ok, I often forget that outside of the Celestial Dragon country, streets do flood. Taipei city never floods because a lot more funds are used for Taipei city than elsewhere in the country.


In the East Bay where I live , its sunny probably 330 days out of the year. These last few days we have seen rain and weirdly I felt “down” whereas in north Taiwan where I lived and where it seemed to rain 330 days of the year, I never felt “down” because of rain.

Calif needs rain, our main reservoirs are at about a quarter full. We need huge amounts of rainfall these next few months.

OH and congrats for making it back to where your heart is. One day I want to make it back to where my heart is too.


Best of luck. I know I have been immensely saner and happier since I left Taiwan and I actually loved the place. It’s a hard rock at times.