GOODsuck vs. BADsuck... and "sadsuck"

There are musicians and groups that suck.
But they can be divided into two groups, one of which produces “good suck” while the other produces “bad suck”.

“Good suck” happens when the artists in question realize that they do indeed suck. Then, they decide to continue sucking with enthousiasm. You can say that they “actively suck”.

“Bad suck” happens when the artists do not realize that they suck, and thus lose out on the opportunity to give full play to their suck. They “passively suck”. There are many more artists who passively produce “bad suck” than there are those who actively produce “good suck”.

After watching David Hasselhof’s video “hooked on a feeling”, I began to consider that he has finally begun to rise to the level of good suck. His music sucks, his lyrics suck, he sucks, and from the look of his video, he is fully aware that he sucks. Yet he continues to produce, actively choosing to suck and giving full play to his poor taste. His video has all the elements of what I would categorize as “good suck”.

Interesting point. I might add that songs tend to change from badsuck to goodsuck the longer they’ve been around — or at least, they have the potential to. It’s one of the strange workings of nostalgia.

REO Speedwagon’s music is still badsuck.

Their hairdos and choice of dress, however, have become goodsuck with the passing of time.

I don’t suck; I blow.

And for me, Fleetwood Mac still remains in the category of bad, bad suckage.

Also, Yes.

And Rush.

But suprisingly, I can groove to Poison and Glass Tiger on occasion.

Oh, I thought this thread was about something else.

It takes a manly man to admit that. Or is it a girly man? :laughing:

Oh and also, a flock of seagulls?

more like a suck of seagulls, amirite?

I know exactly what you mean.
I’ve been looking for the vacuum cleaning thread too.

Journey has become goodsuck for me.
Loverboy - always always always badsuck.

Actually - I can’t think of any Canadian bands that offer goodsuck at all.

I always thought Boston was good, but now it seems that they are goodsuck.

boys 2 men.

A Ha.

take that

etc etc. bad, bad, bad suck

most modern rap/soul/r&b crossover shit: even more suck

what ever happened to real soul music? we’ll probably never have that motown sound or the philadelphia/new orlkeans sound again. and the worst part is that the new users of that mantle of fame that was created by those many sterling musicians from the most productive thirty years of american music history just don’t realise what a travesty they are making of the label “soul”.

:raspberry: :raspberry:

oldskool hip hop a la Public Enemy, de la soul, etc: no suck, never

A canadian band with goodsuck;

Erics trip.

I’ll have to check them out - thanks!

You will not be disappointed. They sound kind of like a lo-fi Sloan. But better.

And another point about goodsuck; this seems to be the inspiration for the ‘ironic punk cover’ trend, i.e. a band like Reel Big Fish covering “Take On Me”, trying to capitalize on ‘good suck nostalgia’

Styx are the epitome of goodsuck because you can laugh at them.

Domo arigoto, Mr. Roboto?

That’s devo, not styx.

And you know who’s better than Devo? Polysics (from japan)

No, it’s Styx.

Karen Carptenter SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS.

And her brother sucks. The carpenters SUCK.

I think they qualify for a new category of suck: “sadsuck”

And the weird thing is, all these English teachers in Taiwan LOVE them - usually the local Taiwanese English teachers who have pictures of their dogs at work alongside pictures of … Karen…

…and her … brother…

Their songs are depressing and melancholy. Their happy songs bring to mind the scents of cheap bathroom hand soaps, bleach on cheap bathroom tiles with tacky nameless flower patterns, and just cheap cheap cheap stuff you use to hide the scent of barf in your sad suburban bathroom.

And they never knew that they sucked, like the same way you don’t realize that you’re addicted to quaaludes; or you don’t realize that you have a massive eating disorder, and it SUCKS.

Therefore, their music has officially pissed me off enough to qualify this brother-sister team to be the model example of a new genre: “sadsuck”