Google Assistant will answer, talk and screen phone calls for you

Google Assistant will answer incoming calls, talk to the caller, and provide a transcript of what the caller’s saying as they speak. You have option to decide to pick up or not.

It’s called Google Call Screen. Available on some phones now and more later.


Read the fine print if considering.

So many idiots will sign up. Note how they use ‘spam callers’ as an incentive.

Good idea, but if my Taiwan bank called me, as they do every time I get a transfer, they certainly wouldn’t have the patience to get through the screening process. They usually barely have the patience to let the phone ring for more than 3 rings.

You can view the screening process as it occurs in real time. A speaker’s words are automatically text onto the screen.

You can see who’s calling.

Right, that is actually really cool.

So, caller ID with letters. Like a collect call that puts down the text (and no collect function). If it were that and only that, cool. I think most people by now are not so naive. But who knows…people like selling away freedoms for flashy polished objects. Much like crows.