Google Engineer Claims AI Became Sentient

You think nothing and no one has a soul then what does sentient mean to you ?

You think only biological brains can think

Our biological brains went through many years of school to learn to reason and ‘think’

What difference does it make then that a robot brain programmed by humans can’t think if thinking is a response to a query

A robot brain can be programmed to be very very efficient at responding to a query

Even if it is not alive in our sense

If we are killed we die and we become dust

A robot can be shut off from power but when repowered can go right back to what it was

Define soul. You think we exist in some spiritual realm outside of anything physical? That the soul persists after our physical body dies? In an afterlife?

Yes, but even without any formal education, or any interaction with any other human, a human would grow to learn on its own and have reason etc. A computer cannot in any way program itself from scratch.
Although, obviously, humans and animals have built-in programming encoded in our DNA. Even an animal, at birth, seems to understand some basic laws of physics, not to mention survival. (Something that fascinates me.)
We can probably agree that computer hardware cannot be sentient, same as a human could not be without our own software embedded in our DNA.
So I can’t say that an AI cannot be sentient. I am only saying that it’s impossible to test if one is, same as it’s impossible to test if a human is.

Yes I do like to think that we have souls and that we are spiritual beings who will outlive our bodies

Am I right I do not know

I like to think that we do not become simply nothingness

A human being is going to be heavily influenced by the circumstances of his or her existence and our thoughts will reflect our experiences

I think an AI can become very human like and perhaps be useful in certain capacities

The danger lies in when they become truly sentient and come to see that human beings are the most destructive species for our planet and decide to rid the planet of us

Religion and spirituality in a nutshell :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, some variation of that phrasing is always said. I know it’s subconscious but… :thinking:

Because most of us are programmed not to want to die

Most of us do not seek to stop existing

We celebrate our birthdays
We generally don’t celebrate a persons death day

By believing we have a soul we seek then to calm this deep dark

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