Google game

I forget what this game is called, but the goal is to think up two different items that when plugged into Google will result in just 1 hit. I never tried it before, but I just came up with one this morning:

“stinky tofu” chardonnay

What are some others?

Almost got another winner.

2 hits for “pristine” and “Yungho.”


MT you have waaay too much time on your hands! All my attempts failed:
Mother Teresa foreskin = 1230
Mother Teresa halitosis = 150, getting better
Mother Teresa vas deferens (surely this time…) nope, 36

This game is HARD!

wanker waiguoren

Wow, good job. I thought that would pull up forumosa, but it didn’t. :notworthy:

here’s one:
“big fluffy matthew” sex with spack :shock:

“fresh-poop” Quisinart


Searching for ‘evil’ gives 17 million results, searching for ‘good’ gives 178 million results, which proves there is more good than evil on the internet. Which means us priests are wrong.

Yes, father, but 328 million hits for sex.

Scooter, that’s strange.

BFM, if I’m not mistaken, that one hit was from your post. To test my theory, one should also get one hit (a moment ago there were zero) for the following:

Ironlady “world champion armwrestling champion”

Ok, here goes the test. . .

Hmmm. . . still no hits for that. . . don’t know how long it takes for Google to pick it up.

It’s called googlewhacking . . . there’s a bunch of them at

Someone googlewhacked me a year ago with some weird combination that I can’t remember. Grrrrr.

Annette Lu gives me a stiffy

But don’t quote me on that, please…

cricket chingmei

hypermegaglobal evil

Easy! :wink:

I don’t how you can win without using foreign words.

I tried stamen and perspicacious and got a half page of random words which does not even contain these two words … /quell.htm

and I got a page which is simply a gigantic list of non-alphabetized words … /words.txt

I’m not playing anymore!

Google uses the words linking to a page, too. Try searching for miserable failure. :wink:

Ok, let’s play Google bombing! Any suggestions?

It’s hard to do without using quotation marks…the only ones I could were
mudskipper halitosis, mudskipper dingleberry, dingleberry-flavored, dingleberry soup, guanxi frappucino, habanero-flavored kool-aid. I tried mudskipper zymurgy and it came up with two sites, one which took the material from the other.

Here are the rest with quotation marks…

gloopy “Chicken Tonight”
“sauerkraut Kool-Aid”
“Frog spawn” Kool-Aid
“edible spawn” (links to a porn site, I assume…I didn’t check)
“imploding paper”
“gimme guanxi” man

If only I had more time on my hands…

Let’s google-bomb!