Google is watching me on Forumosa


I did nothing but read through a thread and the word “Sennheiser” was mentioned in the thread. I never highlighted the word or type the word or anything just read through.

Within a couple hours I get a personalized feed from Google on that subject, a topic for which I’ve never even been aware of. I don’t really know Sennheiser or never search it or spoke of it or even been cognizant of it.


Personal feed


If you read stuff about headphones, you’ll get ads for headphones. I think that’s it


Yeah Google scans what I read, not only what I type or search for.


That’s why I’m avoiding reading the thread about the joys of well timed farts. Oops, now I typed it.


Probably not just Forumosa, likely all sites you visit that has a google ad cookie. It will string together your interest profile (from whatever you do or did) and just keep showing ads to you until you bite :slight_smile:


Google watches you, every step you make, every turn you take. It will synchronize all you do, keep an eye on you!


TIL Forumosa has ads.


Don’t stand, don’t stand, don’t stand so close to me.


That’s what you get from using Google’s Chrome browser…


I’m getting ads for phone-holding garters.


A few friends of mine are in the ‘retargeting cookie’ business, every time you look for something, next time you open your browser you get ads served for these items.


Great, I mention lesbian, now I’m getting lesbian targeting advertising.

Hmmm, how can I use this to my advantage?


Great! I shall now mention lesbians as well. I now expect to see some lesbian ads, lickety split.

Also, I would like targeted ads on (let’s see now) online Shinto seminary programs, herbs for rectal diphtheria, and budget hotels in Axum, Ethiopia. Off ye go, bots!


It looks like you’re on an Android phone, so yes, they are tracking you. Here and elsewhere. You can turn off some of those “features”. The second ad doesn’t look like Google, so you probably got a cookie from somewhere else.