Google isn't answering my question

I was just being curious as to what states in the US would Taiwan align with latitudinally … like would it be more aligned with Texas (upper / lower) or Arkansas… or whatever.

Every time I try asking Google, it gives me politcal bearings which is not what I am curious about.

Thanks in advance.

To answer your question ask ChatGPT

’ Taiwan is not aligned with any specific U.S. states latitudinally because it is a separate country located in East Asia. However, if you are referring to states in the United States that have a similar latitudinal position to Taiwan, the closest states would be those along the East Coast.

Taiwan is situated at approximately 23.7 degrees north latitude. Based on that, some U.S. states that have a similar latitudinal position include:

  1. Florida: Parts of Florida, particularly the southern region, lie close to Taiwan’s latitude.
  2. Louisiana: The southern part of Louisiana is at a comparable latitude to Taiwan.
  3. Georgia: Parts of Georgia, especially its southern regions, are at a similar latitude to Taiwan.
  4. South Carolina: Some areas of South Carolina share a similar latitude with Taiwan.
  5. Alabama and Mississippi: These states are slightly further west but still have areas that align latitudinally with Taiwan.

It’s important to note that this is a rough approximation, as Taiwan’s latitude falls within a relatively narrow range. Additionally, these states may not share other similarities, such as climate or culture, with Taiwan.’

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This pretty much nails the answer I was looking for. Thank you for this. Every time — EVERY TIME — I turned to Google it would give me crap about the political alignment of the US with Taiwan, which wasn’t my interest. It was getting frustrating. Really… thanks.

Stupid ChatGPT.

The southern tip of Florida (Key West-Miami), which is about the furthest south you can get in the continental US, aligns about with Taipei. None of those other states are southern enough.


Exactly. Unlike chatgpt claim, as far as I can tell, Taiwan’s north just “touches” Florida’s south (around 25n). That might be the only overlapping area:

Although… wouldn’t the SOUTHERN part of Florida and the SOUTHERN part of Georgia be geographically impossible to compare with Taiwan, simultaneously? Shouldn’t it be ALL of Florida and the Southern part of Georgia… or whatever it would turn out to be… if this were indeed the case?

“Similar” is subjective.

Indeed … sure, sometimes it’s right, but it can’t be trusted. Way too many inaccuracies.

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I would say probably Hawaii. Because Taiwan is right on the tropic of cancer, and I don’t think even Hawaii is on it. This is probably why you aren’t getting any answers, because there is none. Climate wise I would say Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas is the closest, but Texas is actually hotter but drier.

Edit: as others have said key west seems to be on the same latitude as Taipei but the climate is not the same.

Here’s a map with Taiwan longitude if that helps.


Because I’m just killing a bit of time here is the US,

It looks if Taiwan went for a Joyride around the world it would just catch its head on Florida and Pingtung would just miss Honolulu, but it would give it a bit of a scare.

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It wasn’t really climate that I was considering, but literally the latitude parallel and whether it was more upwards or downwards than what I was used to. I’ve lived in something like 14 states. Daddy was military. I’ve lived in Taiwan for almost 15 years, but just recently moved from Taipei to Tainan and the difference is night and day. That’s what formed the question.

There’s various components of climate, like closeness to the sea, if close to the sea what the ocean currents are like around it, geography, altitude and latitude.

Basically no part of the US (as far as I know, and I’m not including territories in this estimate) intersects the Tropics of Cancer, so that means if you are using only latitude then key west MAYBE is the same latitude as Taipei.

This also explains why say Great Britain isn’t so cold yet say Moscow is so cold, even if they are all in the same latitude. I think Britain has the gulf stream to thank for its relatively warm climate.

Taiwan is affected by a few air currents which hugely affects the weather here.

There’s the NE “seasonal winds”, and whenever it gets cool and rainy, that’s what caused it. This is preceded by a cold front. Florida doesn’t really have this as far as I know (the cold fronts in the US seems to be affected by jet streams which sometimes dips down where Texas is, skipping Florida completely). Then you got the Chinese air mass that gets COLD and dry (but not always, because it can come along with the NE winds, leading to WET and cold). These are very cold air from Siberia.

Then you got the easterly winds and the “whanan” clouds, when it gets rainy but it’s still hot and muggy, it’s the whanan clouds. when it’s freaking HOT, sorta windy, and dry, it’s the easterly winds (my guess is it flows over the mountains causing the hot weather).

Then you got typhoons.

The NE winds and Chinese cold winds comes in the winter (obviously), then it transition to “spring rains” and “monsoon”, which tends to end around dragon moon festival. After which weather is HOT but can cool down a little (we’re talking from 35+ to 30 here) if an afternoon shower comes. This is what we are now seeing. Weather stays this way until mid autumn festival unless interrupted by a typhoon.

NE winds comes in waves starting from the Mid Autumn festival, peaks at around MLK day (we don’t celebrate that in TW), then slowly dies down after CNY, then you get spring rain and the cycle repeats.

The amount of afternoon showers and rain (in general) we get here in Taiwan seems to depend on El Nino or La Nina. In El Nino we can expect more rain, in La Nina the reverse (no rain, FREAKING HOT summers).

This seems like a problem easily solvable looking at a map. ;D

The very southern tip of FL (not counting the keys) is just about lined up with the northern part of Taiwan (tiny bit of overlap).

The southern tip of Taiwan lines up well with Kaui (northern most (large) Hawaain island).