Google Madness in converting blogger

So, just now I log into blogger to update my blog, and I get a dialogue which asks me if i want ot upgrade my blogger to the new version. It clearly states that the layout and content will remain the same.
I figure it might be handy to have a single sign on.

So I click yes.

Instantly I was translated to a Blogger confirmation page written entirely in mandarin. Shit.

Then I get an email, entire in mandarin, totally unreadable except for a single link, which now takes me to a mandarin version of my blogger control panel. Shit.

I click a few things and manage to get into my google account settings and guess what is selected as the (I presume) display language? Mei Guo. hahahaha.

I believe I am screwed.

Google does those things, as do yahoo and microsoft … they assume, when you have a Taiwan IP address that it’s ok for them to put everything in mandarin … duh …

I just did it and it stayed English for me. Bizarre.

for those who have this problem, i found this snippet in Google Account help (not google help, not gmail help, not blogger help, not google blogger help, but google account help)

[quote]How can I make Google Accounts display in another language?

To change the display language for Google Accounts, you’ll need to change your Google interface language. To do so, please visit the Google homepage and click on Preferences. Under the Interface Language header, select the language of your choice from the drop-down menu. Finally, click on the Save Preferences button.

Once you’ve changed your interface language, please close the browser window. Then, open a new browser instance and visit The Google Accounts homepage should be displayed in the language you’ve selected.

If the interface language doesn’t match the language you selected, please clear your browser’s cache and cookies and try setting the interface language again.

Note that deleting your cookies will also remove your saved settings for other sites you’ve visited.

Please note that while the Google Accounts homepage is available in all Google languages, individual Google services may not be available in all languages.[/quote]

It seems to have worked. What a mystery.

I really don’t mind if it accidentally changes to chinese, but to not give ANY english ejection seat is a bit rude.

My Yahoo e-mail account suddenly converted to Chinese many years ago. I didn’t mind, in fact I thought it was cool cos at the time it was the only way I could read Chinese e-mails. That is until I was caught in Thailand needing an internet cafe where the machines didn’t support mandarin. Still haven’t sorted that one out.

Good luck! :laughing: