Google photos has new map search function

Google photos has a fascinating new map search function. If your photos have location data then you can search by location. Shows by temperature range style map where photos are taken. Other things I haven’t found yet.

Note: Love the free photo storage by Google. It shows I have over 20,000 photos

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For a split second, I thought this was a Coronavirus hotspot map. :runaway:

Another Tango42 topic saved!


Weird, I can’t find this function using the desktop browser nor the google photos android app.

Click search icon :mag:

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My Paris Google photos map.

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Looks like Saint Denis doesn’t get much love.


Maybe need to update the app. I updated yesterday and found it on Android. My iPad not found it yet.

Already the newest version. Play Store even says there’s a new map function under the What’s New section. Still no joy.

Yeah it’s fun. Works well on the iPhone

Works on iPad now after app update.