Google searches

Quick! How do you truncate in a Google search?
I am trying to search for British architect Richard R., but I do not know his last name other than it starts with R. … /en/arch11

But is there a way to truncate a work in a search? Some search engines allow you to add a $ to search for a partial word when you don’t know the spelling.

I think you might be able to try “Richard R-”.

Naah, doesn’t work.

Would it be Richard Rogers?

Found through: … architects

[quote=“irishstu”]I think you might be able to try “Richard R-”.

Naah, doesn’t work.[/quote]

I tried $ and that did not work either… looking over the advanced features shows no abbreviation function…

I copy and pasted “British architect Richard” from your post and found his name in the 5th result.

I found him. The problem is sometimes I am wanting to do a partial word search in google… never mind!

Yeah, I know. It just looked like an emergency, you know? I’d still like to know the solution to your original question though. So if anyone knows…

For being the largest search engine in the world, it doesn’t have very powerful search logic functions. For example, I wanted to be able to Google separately for hyphenated versus unhyphenated versions of a word, as a check on which was more common or perhaps even standard. Even when I used the quotations marks, Google returned mixed results for both searches – i.e., it refused to distinguish the two. I wrote to Google, and got a polite answer saying sorry, their search engine does not have this function. :s

Truncated searches like Mark R* seem obvious to me. But I guess Google disagrees. Hmm, I think I’ll go write to them about it. BBL.

Nope, all they answered with was a meaningless automated response.

I guess Google is like McDonald’s. Big, fast, and mediocre. :s