Google translate app now has conversation capability

The latest update to Google Translate app has a conversation capability. Each person can talk in their own language and it will automatically translate to the other language as you’re speaking to each other.

Haven’t tried it much yet but it looks like a good start on a possibly useful tool.

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I’ve used that when my mom and mother-in-law wanted to talk to each other and we weren’t at home.
Not bad!

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Some Android watches have the capability where you talk in one language you flip your wrist to the other person and it translates to the other language and they do the same thing back to you.

Button on Translate.

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Google Assistant can do that now too.

Just say one of those

  • Be my Italian interpreter
  • Help me speak Spanish
  • Interpret from Polish to Dutch
  • Chinese interpreter
  • Turn on interpreter mode

I hope chat apps can add that functionality. Line calls to places like Japan will be easier than ever

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Google Assistant, say “open Chinese interpreter”.

It’s a real live, as you go, hands free, interpreter. Can use a variety of languages.

Different from translator.

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