Got an STD & Ximending clinic ain't so great

I’ll risk my embarrassment, even in anonimity (I hope!), by asking about a problem I need better help with.

I recently found small red sores on my penis and testicles and went to the doctor at the STD clinic in Ximending. He said I have a form of HPV called Condyloma. He gave me an ointment to use, as well as the advice to not have sex or drink.

That was a few weeks ago, and while the first sores are gone, more are appearing. Maybe I need to be more patient, but I don’t feel this treatment is working, coupled with the typical inattention one gets from public hospital visits here.

So my questions are:

  1. Anyone out there have the same problem and do you have any advice on dealing with this (mentally, physically, etc)?

  2. Is it really true that HIV/AIDs and syphyllis are the only deport-meriting STDs here? I have too much experience in Taiwan to know that laws are often subjective and unclear, and I’m hestitant to go elsewhere and use NHI and my real name and put myself at risk of getting kicked out.

  3. Related to question 2, could I go to a private facility like Adventist? My school also has private insurance coverage for us employers. Would Adventist accept that? (yes, I plan to call them, but I may as well ask…) And has anyone visited a private hospital for this kind of treatment? And how expensive was it?

It is also difficult as I try to get this insurance info from my boss without discussing the nature of my ailment.

  1. Finally, any resources to suggest? I’ve looked around online but don’t feel so satisfied with what I learn. The best I can get is herpes information, but my problem may vary enough that all the things mentioned don’t apply to me. I don’t know!

It is so frustrating and a bit depressing. There’s no-one to talk to, as it is such a private matter. I’ve informed old partners who might need to know, but as they have no symptoms, I’m on my own.
I want to be healthy and I miss my sex life. I have the probably-not-true- yet-still-strong fear that I’ll never have a girlfriend again. I’ve tried to be responsible in my love life, but things still happen. And a tired doctor who merely waves me away dismissively saying it is just a virus (wait, HIV is a virus, too!) fails to reassure me.

Please share any kind help. Thank you.

BTW, feel free to PM me, as I realize this may be something best discussed in private…

Oh, and I’ve googled “condyloma”. I’m just on the lookout for a specific support forum or chat room where I can learn from others who have this, too. No such luck yet…

Just a little more to say here…

First, thanks to those who sent PMs. Much appreciated!

Second, I was able to meet with a different doctor the other day- purely by chance - at the Ximen clinic, and had a much better experience. He was willing to listen to my questions and answer them thoroughly.

I should also add that the nurses have been cool there.

So, on that matter, glad to report things aren’t as bad as they were initally…