Got T4. Great car! Thank you sulavaca!

Just bought 2000 T4, in excellent condition. Long nose, short wheel base.
Looks like new inside and outside. Runs great, very smooth. Suspension is firm, no rattles. Even after 60 km AC compressor gave up :unamused: but dealer replaced it without any complains.

I was auto mechanic before and know few things about cars, but want to say a [color=#BF4000]big thank you to sulavaca [/color]for providing many valuable tips to purchase car in Taiwan and his very specific knowledge on VW’s and T4 specifically.

I own you a beer dude!

Maybe you should have had me check it first :wink:

Glad to hear you got the vehicle you were looking for though. I hope it brings you some great travel stories. I still reckon you should have at least had it up in the air though as every single T4 I have ever inspected and sourced has needed new steering boots and several suspension and other steering components. Check your tyre wear frequently, especially on the front. Keep an eye out for water contamination in the oil too. The water pumps on some of those are known to leak into the engine oil if their seals fail which is quite bazaar, but it makes a real mess of things if it does happen.

Show us a picture then! :slight_smile:

Laoban (typical taiwanese binlan chewing dude) changed for me brake pads, front shock absorbers, all engine mounts, belts(including timing) and tensioners. Steering boots and arms, some bits and pieces in steering and suspension. Oil and filters in engine and transmission, driver mirror. But SOB swapped rubber on wheels from 215 to 195 with less aggressive/sportier tread claiming that old tyres were the source of vibration above 60 that I noticed when test drove.
I guess that was good my taiwanese is none as my wife told me later she didn’t wanted to translate to me how much laoban cursed me when we were negotiated on the car.
He told her, he does not like to sell cars to foreigners especially british as they are to picky about cars. Maybe you was dealing in the past with this guy… lol. I will be swearing too in russian :slight_smile: :smiley: know how much you are meticulous and picky about choosing cars for your clients.

p.s will post photos tomorrow.

this is link to dealers pics!/alb … 1402573628 if you have FB account. Looks exactly the same now except rubber (narrower) :aiyo:

You just need a shaggy rug and some TVs in it now. :laughing:

Disco ball is in order :discodance:
But just in the case, I want to find roof rack if my vendors wares will spill over.
Btw. does trailer allowed to pull on highway? Do I need a special license for trailer?