Government contractors contaminated the road (punctured tyre)

There were some government contractors mowing the grass. Their trimmers apparently flung some debris on the road that was not immediately cleaned. That resulted in a punctured tyre.
The road is usually partially blocked off in such situations. This was not the case here. It is a less busy road.

I am driving this road twice every day for many years. Never had an issue like that.
The workers denied any responsibility. Wold be difficult to prove where the object came from anyway. :weary:
The local government office also denied any responsibility.

Any ideas how to get compensated? The tyre is almost brand new. :rant:
Looks like we have to eat the cost of that…

Paid 3200 TWD for repairs. Police just advised not to drive on that road. :joy:


Can you prove malice or negligence? I doubt it.

When cutting grass there will be stuff that gets flung and it’s not something they could control. So asking for compensation isn’t going to work unless you can show the workers were negligent or reckless. Being government contractors they have rules to follow but unfortunately shit happens.

Could you not patch the tire with fix a flat or some rubber repair kit? They’re intended for puncture like this.

But yea if this happens often then the police is right, don’t drive there. Maybe you could go after the land owner or whoever dumped a bunch of nails there but good luck with that.

Closing a road just because of yard work is absurd unless it’s a major construction.

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Not closing the road, in the city when they are mowing they block off one side of the road with cones to protect the workers etc. Usually one of them is cleaning up right behind the others.

I got the same in my eye once walking past a grass cutting team. Straight to eye hospital for a scratched cornea. Now I always cover my eyes when I go past them. Course they don’t give a :crazy_face:.


Ya, hard to say. I have done that job a lot and can say when it js 90% humidity, 37 degrees and 14 on the uv index, less :crazy_face: are given.

As said, prove it was intentional. Otherwise we can just say it is the cost of having free roads, pretty parks and relatively well maintained roadsides. Sucks, but if thats all there is to be upset about this week, youre doing pretty good!

I know. But random 3k cost for nothing suck big time just because someone else was :banana: lazy.

I pass those guys all the time when I’m riding my bike. If they see me coming, they’ll stop the trimmers but often I just have to give them a wide berth (as much as I can on a bike path) and hope for the best.

I pay attention to how much they’re swinging the trimmer so I can decide if it’s safe to pass and then I keep an eye on them as I go past.

Ha, didn’t even know I was in the legal forum…

Ya, it does. But things happen. I wouldnt put those guys in the lazy category, at least most of them. 90% of the people on this forum would be in a hospital within 3 days of doing that summertime. Not professional on the other hand, probably very accurate. There is a reason they are making 1500-2000 day working in atrocious heat.

The other side of the coin is sometimes they contract jails for labor and it is the prisoners doing the work for next to zero money. In those situations, try telling them to work.harder haha.

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Do you sometimes finish dinner and then realize you’ve eaten Mama Bear’s porridge? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Holy f#$&ing shit! Are you serious?! This was on a different road today.