Government recruiting young travelers to test attractions

Here’s something that might interest keen travelers, under 30, who have recently arrived. The Taiwanese government is organizing a small research project to test how user-friendly the local travel scene is for foreign visitors. Travel expenses are paid, you go to the destinations, then write a report about your trip and fill in a survey. Go to the National Youth Commission website here ( … subcatNo=3) to apply.

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Pity I’m too old and wizened to take advantage of this freebie.

I got in on this gig, but they’ll only give me 1600 per day (for three days travel which makes it 3800 total) and I’m going to Jinmen. Does anyone know of any cheap ways to travel to Jinmen (I have to go next week) from Taipei and any cheap places to stay once I’m there? Any clues on package deals from travel agents? :help: (I’ve searched!)

The China Youth Corps has a Youth Activity Centre (hostel) on Jinmen.

Address: No. 1, Huandao North Road, Jincheng Town, Jinmen County, Fujian Province 893, R.O.C.
Tel: 082-325722 Fax: 082-328606

Four-bed dorm room at Jinmen YAC

If you present a Hostelling International card, they should give you one bed in a four-bed room (otherwise these rooms may be available only for group bookings). For other rooms, they should give you a 15 percent discount. However, the CYC’s cooperation with Hostelling International has only just started, and the staff may not know about it. You could consider contacting the Youth Hostel Association first and ask them to get the Jinmen YAC to make the proper arrangements. You can also buy your Hostelling International card at the YHA (valid worldwide for one year - basic price NT$400 - with extra gifts and service NT$750. The Taiwan hostel guidebook and DVD are free even if you only pay the basic NT$400.)

Chinese Taipei Youth Hostel Association
8F-8, No. 206, Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan 104, R.O.C.
(Songjiang/Minsheng E. Rd. junction, between Starbucks and Dough’s Coffee Shop.)
Tel: +886-2-25233158 ask for Sophia or Jenny. Fax: +886-2-25233270
E-mail: (delete the word SPAMGUARD)
Web site:

Juba, thanks for that information. I just booked a room at the Jinmen Hostel. They said that they’re pretty booked up, so I have to take a single room (1000). That’s still cheaper than other stuff that I’ve seen. Thanks.