Grabbing Bags … D&id=23051

This article is about a guy grabbing a bag filled with 1mil MT$, then jumping onto a waiting getaway bike before having a head-on with a car. Doctors think he may not survive.

The woman, her husband and her son had been tailed by the pair on the scooter (it doesn’t say where they were tailed from, but one can assume it’s the bank), and the bag was grabbed from the woman outside a restaurant.

I dunno whats yous peeps does be thinkin’, but this seems to point a finger at someone in the bank. How else would these guys have known that there was a goldmine in the bag?

This happened in South Africa recently, where a bank was ordered to pay after a similar incident, except in this one the robbers got away: … 162C597762

How liable would the bank be in this sort of situation, allowing private information about their customers to be leaked?

From the South African article:

Goodman’s lawyer, Leon Lipchick, argued that the bank had “a duty of care to its customers and, in particular, a duty of confidentiality”.

Lipchick said that the bank was negligent in failing to ensure that its employees, who were in a position of trust, did not pass confidential information to people outside.[/quote]

Interesting cases. Apparently the S.African judge believed that a bank employee leaked the information (although the article doesn’t explicitly state that).

I wouldn’t be so sure that’s what happened in the Taiwan case. It’s entirely possible that the lady was observed by the thief as she withdrew the money, or she was flashing it later in public or talking about it loudly in public. People can be stupid.

If a bank employee called a friend and said this customer has a lot of money, you should get her, then the bank should be liable. If the thief merely witnessed her withdrawing it that’s another matter and I don’t feel the bank should be held liable (although there have surely been lawsuits in the US where a victim has alleged that an ATM machine was unsafe due to inadequate lighting and security cameras).

Agreed, people can be stupid, and the article doesn’t exactly go into too much detail. There have been enough reports of credit card information being sold etc to cause those cynical little synapses
(both of them, accounting, apparently, for at least 66% of my total brain power…)
to fire. Ah well, so I ponder, muse, mull and contemplate.

This used to (and maybe still does) happen very often in Malaysia. People who carry around too much cash are just stupid, in particular those who leave it in an envelope on the passenger seat and then go for a coffee or shopping.
Most of them seam to have been trailed for a while first but I assume those guys are not tipped of but rather wait patiently near or inside the bank, observing the customers.

Anyhow, the best advise is not to take large sums of cash with you (use a Credit Card or similar instead) or at least make sure you have someone with you and do not stop or go shopping while travelling from the Bank to your destination.

I got conned/robbed once (Canary islands) just after withdrawing cash from the ATM, all the paper money “disappeared” from my wallet, though I am certain it was a coincidence. And I did get the money back after it made click and checked on the contents of my wallet - never have been running that fast and threatening with “Policia” made the thief handing back the money (she was waiting for the bus a few hundred meters away around a corner). :slight_smile: