Graduates in Taiwan

Hi guys,
I am a final year Business student majoring in International Business and I previously spent 2 years studying chinese in Tainan (Great place!).

I have returned to Australia to finish my degree but after graduating end of this year I want to return to Taiwan (probably Taipei) to continue studying Chinese and try to find some work. I’ve already done the English teaching thing, and actually enjoyed it, but would like to try to get into something a little more business related.
Any ideas about how one would go about doing this?

How would you like to work as an editor for a business-related publication? My employer, Infotrade Media, might have an opening in Taizhong. Check out the company’s web site on Should you want to get in touch, my e-mail address is julian hyphen clegg at trade hyphen eye dot com

While you are about it, pay a visit to the Taiwan Foreign Language Editors’ Corner.

Thanks! That’s exactly the type of job I would be looking for. Unfortunately, my University sentence doesn’t end till Novemember. I’m hoping to be back in Taiwan in December, but I’m guessing that job will be well and truly taken by then.

Are jobs like this difficult to find in Taipei? What level of Chinese do you need? I’m comfortable speaking but my reading and writing sort of sucks. Hoping to improve on that.

Sounds like you have a lot of experience in editing and translating. I’ll have to pick your brain when i get back to Taiwan.
Thanks a lot!

More general comment.

Jobs as a foreigner are not hard to come by.

I applied for 2 positions when I arrived and got them both! I had rich experience gained at college and basically no place else. (Apart from Study part time jobs).

Take it easy, and start job hunting when you arrive.