Grammar Ain’t What You Think

Grammar is oppressive.

  • I can’t edit the title because I lost that privilege

I would change it to “Grammar Ain’t What You Think.” If I could , that is.

Especially when enforced by grammar Nazis.

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It’s preprogrammed. We do it to ourselves. It’s when other people want to take me over with their grammar is when I straighten up.

Most of the “grammar Nazi” enforcement isn’t grammar, as such. It’s often more about how the person expects it to be.

It’s complicated and there’s no clear answer that I can think of. Other than I’m always right. That’s a no brainer

That I firmly believe.

I’m struggling to get your point.

‘Grammar Nazis’ are projecting in some way? OK, I can see how that might sometime be the case.

We ALL are projecting grammar at others, all others. Some of us might think our grammar is the same, but it’s snot.

I don’t, or if I do it’s a rare event.

EDIT: This is psychology, yeah?

I’d say you do, did and have always done exactly that.

I never learned grammar. I just started speaking, pretty much like the people around me spoke. I didn’t decide anything. It happened because that’s what a human brain does.

We make external grammar rules to keep us sharing data, but that stuff in us is unique. Some people project theirs very well; others not so much. Leaders and followers.


This is philosophy!

That’s what I was worried about.

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I was never formally taught grammar either.

If had twenty minutes a cup of coffee and your undivided attention I could get you to get me.

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Yet you are very good at projecting your grammar, via “points.”

Can you provide examples of me doing this?

I see you make salient points in the war thread all the time. They are delivered via grammar, a general English grammar for sure, but the meaning comes from your unique inner grammar. Your thought process, your logic if you will.

Some people are quite shit at that yet still posses enough general grammar steam to talk endlessly and say nothing that makes much sense.

Wanna be Plato can’t hold a candle to Freddy N, bruv. Essentially, we aren’t all the same, at all. We barely speak the same language.

OK, you’re not using ‘projection’ in the psychological term. You mean I ‘project’ salient points using the power of grammar. You could just as easily say that I ‘say’ or ‘post’ salient points. Just throwing that out there, or perhaps projecting.

Not really. As I said, many people can read and write and speak English. Not many can project their own innate biologically determined grammar at people. I mean thank god, but yeah.

And no, I’m not talking about projection in I think you’re this when you’re really that. That’s a mosquito swat.

I’m talking about the path to Zarathustra. :wink:

Most famous Zoroastrian? Without looking it up.

My bad, that should read the path OF Zarathustra!