Grand Hotel dim sum

I had lunch on Wednesday in the dim sum restaurant of Grand Hotel. While the hotel itself appeared largely deserted, the restaurant was doing fairly good business.

The reason may have been that we were given 30 percent off. There wasn’t anything at the restaurtant itself, however, to advertise this in advance. Perhaps the discount also applies at other restaurants in the hotel.

There was no view (no windows at all). The dim sum, although not great, was pretty good. So with the discount it wasn’t a bad place to have lunch.

I’ve been there and think it’s great. With 30% off I might go again on Sunday.

Me too! change of pace from the usual hk stuff.

Actually that is the only restaurant I can really say that I like at the Grand Hotel. You could head to the Cedar Pavilion to the right as you go in but stick to the simple stuff. (dumplings etc are quite good and the atmosphere is truly unique.)

The restaurant behind the building in the old wing is also not bad. Whatever you do stay away from the buffet to the left or to any function on the 12F (eat before you go). While the buffet can occasionally be good (if the management has an important visitor and is trying to impress), it can also be very bad. Hit and miss.

And with every local “five plum” hotel (Ambassador, Howard Plaza and increasingly the Grand Formosa), service is something that you will not be expecting. Be patient, grin and bear it.