Grand Hotel


I would like to get a few reactions about the Grand Hotel and its restaurants, service, prices, experiences, etc.



It sucks. Forever stuck in the 60s. Sometimes the halls remind me of that hotel in The Shining. The top floor with a view of the city is great for parties, though.


Grand Hotel

Plus:- Biggest Swimming Pool in Town and giggest hotel rooms in a classy athmosphere
Minus: - Service tends to be like in “Communist” China. I heard they tried to bring in a western hotel-chain management a few years ago, but that guy gave up after a few months.

And than there is the tale about the president of - say: Swaziland - which was once stuck in the lift together with Lien Chan while trying to attend a banquet…

Anyway, if you have biz-visitors who comes for the first time to TWN, it might be a good option to put him there: after all it is “special” compared to the standard 5 star hotels in TPE.