Grand Opening of relocated Bobwundaye (12 year run closing Oct 2023)

I posted about this in the old Bobwundaye thread, but figure it is time to start a new thread for the new Bobwundaye location. The following from Bobwunday’s Katrina:

Hello everyone, good news … Bobwundaye finally comes of age !!

Building on the rip-roaring success of new Bobwundaye’s soft, but far from flaccid opening last month, we are proud to announce Big Bob’s rock HARD OPENING date of Saturday, October 1.

Come and be amazed at the improvements we’ve made and guzzle down some cheap drinks & free food. We guarantee a great party in the grand tradition of old Bob’s infamous hootenannies. To that end,
musicians are especially welcome to come and strut their stuff, whether plugged or unplugged (we have gear)
~ and this time without the worry of upsetting neighbours ~!

The festivities kick off at 5.00pm, so if you plan an all-dayer, where better to start (and finish)?

Guinness Draft (~CHEAPEST IN TOWN~) – NT$170!!
Taiwan Beer Draft – NT$100
…… and tons of FREE FOOD ……

Cheers all
Hope to see you Saturday, October 1.
Love, Big Bob

No.77, Sec. 3, Heping E. Rd , Daan District, Taipei [Tel. 02-2377 1772]

I’m hearing they may be moving but definitely closing at the current location.

One of the best live music and open jam session clubs in Taiwan.

Oh I wonder wonder wonder wonder where?

The building is going to be torn down. Probably going to build a high rise or something.

The same fate of my favorite restaurant of all time in Taipei, Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill.

They paved paradise, put up a parking lot

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Or put up some fancy apartments which I cannot ever afford. :slightly_smiling_face:



Yeah, I heard that a couple of months back too.

Current location closing end of the month with no current info on a new location.

Yup. Last night is supposed to be October 28 and from what I understand no current plans for a new location.

End of an era. Live music venues continually becoming fewer and fewer here.

People rather be in coffee shops… or people don’t want to spend 200 on a drink when that got you meals in most parts of Taipei.

Like seriously, maybe have a bar that sells drinks competitively priced with 50 lan or something (that means around 40-80 for a drink), along with live music and all that.

But Starbucks charge 150-200 for drinks and they’re wildly successful, why?

You don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s closing because the block is being demolished/redeveloped, not because people weren’t going there or because they were going to coffee shops or wanting to spend the money on meals instead.


That’s only “competitive” if your competition is 7-11. That wouldn’t be a sustainable business model for any bar, let alone one with live entertainment. The problem isn’t price. There are fancy cocktail bars all over the place charging 400-450 per drink these days.


Liker seriously? You would be out of business in no time.


Bobs has gotten noticeably more expensive since they increased the prices around the start of the year (from NT$180 for a Red Point to NT$240, which is quite a significant increase, so from five beers plus change out of a NT$1000 note to just four; 1k being my personal soft limit where I think I’m spending too much on a normal relaxed night out in a single bar).

Like you say though, it’s not markedly more expensive than the other bars in the area and can be easily offset by a sneaky trip to one of the nearby 7-11s, and expecting to pay less than NT$100 per beer simply isn’t reasonable.


Like this new word !

I was paying 200ntd plus for drinks in Taipei 20 plus years ago.

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So it looks like beer prices have followed the trend observed for English teacher wages then. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, 240 is well within normal price range for a craft beer at a bar in Taipei these days. Even 280-300 isn’t unheard of. 180 was a steal! That’s what you can expect to pay for a Carlsburg, San Miguel, or Taiwan pijo at a bar now.

…and back more than 20 year ago too for Heineken and Carlsberg lol.

Ironic thing is I was chatting with some of the regulars last night who were lamenting that when this place closes down, we lose one of the last few affordable bar venues.

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Yeah, Taipei has always been expensive to drink. Remember first time i came here on a stopover in 2008 and went to a bar and clearly remember a bottle of Heineken was 160

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