Grandson visiting from U.S

My son and grandson (5years old) are planning to visit Taipei from Seattle. Trip here is planned for about March 22. My son will ONLY be visiting and touring and for less than 30 days. My grandson will be staying for about 4 months with me and my wife. Here is what I understand to date.
My son is OK with a landing visa.
My grandson will need a 60 day renewable tourism visa.
My son will need a notorized authorization letter from the child’s mother so that the father can travel with his son alone.
Of course, both father and child will need a passport.
I will need a health care power of attorney for my grandson.
I and my wife will need a notorized authorization form from both father and mother so that I or my wife can take the child home to Seattle without the child’s parents.
What am I missing?
Do I need to have the authorizations translated to Taiwanese?
Does my grandson NEED a longterm visa if he is staying with a grandparent?
What other stumbling blocks will I encounter?
Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

I assume that the parents are still married. Therefor no authorization is needed for your grandsons father to take his child out of the USA. Again no need for authorization to return the child the the USA where he is normally resident.

As long as the parents agree to sign the passport application form that in itself is enough authorization. Unless the parents are divorced with shared custody then permission could be obtained but would not be a necessity because they have both already signed the passport apllication for the child.

Only a court order baring the child leaving the USA would prevent the child travelling.

Travel and medical insurance for the child would be a good thing to arrange back in the USA. What you may need for the visa extension is evidence of relationship from your granson to you in the form of birth certificates for you son and granson. This would help establish relationship.


Thanks for that. I’m a little worried about showing the relationship status as my grandchild’s birth cerificate wont have my name on it and, of course, mine wont have his. But your suggestion is very reasonable and I think I can sort something out. I think going to FAP and asking directly might also be a good idea and I plan on doing that. TECO in the States “might” be helpful but from past experiences with the Seattle office, I have found a reluctance to cut anyone any slack or to suggest alternatives. My grandson’s parents are still married and will go to get his passport together so permission may not be a problem. Thanks for your help.

your sons birth cert has your name on it… and his name is on his sons birth cert so thats how it works there sir… lol