Gravel and Bike-packing Routes

I wanted to make a collection of routes and location that would be good for anyone interested in gravel rides, or if they were looking for a good bike-packing adventure. If you have any routes, please post up the route, (STRAVA, GOOGLEmaps or GPX file link). I’ll start with this epic ride up to the tallest lake in Taiwan.

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Has anyone actually ridden this?

yes, a documented handful. it requires a permit, food, and water filter to complete. I’ll be doing it the first time end of March if anyone wants to join in a group ride.

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googlemaps links dont work well here.

Might be worth looking at the Tonghou route that crosses from Wulai to Yilan. It used to be a good one but typhoons have caused big damage in that area.

Yeah, I’ve heard of that route as well.

I recall seeing some record of that on somone’s blog many years ago. Looked like quite a lot of carrying was required in some sections.

but mostly downhill!

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Yeah it used to be called the Hump. I’ve hiked it but most of the path was lost. Good news is the road is finally open again.

is there an online resource for the status?

Trail is closed until end of Jan. Of course that’s just for hiking. I’ll head out there on scooter once the weather allows it to do a reccie.

Now that’s a great resource! Even better when I got Chrome to translate it for me…


Are permits fairly easy to come by?

Might not be the same thing, but i remember looking at a website for 玉山 and it said something like “don’t even bother”

I’ve never heard the don’t even bother. They are easy to come by. Just need a taiwan resident (taiwan ID) as an emergency contact person. Best to do these permit-required trails with a friend anyways for safety. If you are unsure, just call the local police station by the trail, they can help you figure it out.

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Don’t even bother is because of quotas on hiking trails. Wouldn’t apply in this case.

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as of January, the Danda Forest Road (丹大林道) was open to both hikers and cyclists

Anyone do this ride?

Tonghou river road is open for cyclists and scooters. Well worth a ride, stunning scenery. Road is doable on a road bike but a little dodgy in places, lots of potholes, some dirt sections. I saw three guys who carried their bikes up to the top to ride down to Jiaoxi on the other side but it’s a lot of carrying on the hiking trail. But anyway it’s a great time to visit while cars are excluded. Lots of people camping out there too.