Gravity, it is just a theory

Science really is stuffed full of made up nonsense.
“Oh look, here is more evidence that we have been talking absolute guff.” Theoretical evolution is just one of many areas of total guff.
(The James Webb telescope is currently providing evidence that the big bang theory is absolute balderdash.)

The new findings only points to there might be things before the big bang.


Not sure what ‘theoretical evolution’ is but ‘evolution’ is a fact how can you talk such smack? Lots of talk in science circles for long time now on big bang alternatives, that is nothing surprising. I like you, be gentle in your counterattack. Or not

Do you know how your computer works? It is science that enables the Internet we are using to communicate.

That’s why these things are called theories. They are tested, some things are tested repeatedly and when results are consistent we can do things like fly in airplanes or nuke our enemies. Unexpected results and new information require adjustments to theories.

Social sciences and humanities “research” is definitely full of lots of made up nonsense. Postmodernism and inability to replicate findings and so on, but that doesn’t mean the entire endeavor is bunk. It is imperfect by nature, because people are trying to figure things out.


Thanks. You’ve only been on this site for 4 days. Give yourself more time.

The theory of evolution. It is embedded in the title.

I’m not saying there wasn’t an explosion, just that the current science is still full of guff.

Yes. Mice and magic.

That is what I said. It’s possible to believe in science and also accept that most of it is still absolute horseshit.


The math only takes us back to a singularity, information before that isn’t kept in the math, so there’s no way to theorize beyond the big bang. Without the new evidence presented by Webb it’s just not science to claim there would be things before the big bang, it’d only be speculation.


That’s an issue with physics. It’s either branched into theoretical or statistical. Visual physics doesn’t seem to be a thing.

There is this anti science trend last several years that is very concerning. On Gobekli Tepi and that charlatan Graham Hancock, the ancients could move and carve stone. They moved stone. Nuff said

I’m not anti science. I’m pro honesty.

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-Referring to the Big Bang as an ‘explosion’,
-“Evolution- it’s just a theory”.
-Theoretical physics vs. ‘visual’ physics’.

Some significant tells there.


I understand the current model. I also understand it’s currently being shot full of holes by a telescope. The dark ages of the great expansion is really all guess work and how the end of it comes about is really considered a scientific belief at this point.

Well, it is. And I’m not against it, it makes a lot of unarguable sense. Equally, it is a counterpoint to the idea that every species has essential characteristics that are unalterable. Does the counterpoint sound so ridiculous? Read some Steve Jones. He is constantly updating the theory of evolution. I love his work.

Physics is a mess. It’s the world we can’t see. Even the mighty Einstein was wrong in areas, though he hit the nail on the head with gravitational waves etc

I can’t understand the fervour to make science infallible. It’s not a religion, it’s a series of guesses, observations and conclusions. It’s unarguable that science changes constantly, and that doesn’t mean that it’s on shaky ground. (For example, string theory , yes or no?)The very nature of science (both hard and soft) should involve an understanding that a lot of it is guess work. That doesn’t diminish science, it makes it more honest.

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The Big Bang, how the Universe started etc are hard problems. There are many ‘theories’ that is right. Tough thing to prove right?

Evolution is an easy one. Only flat-earthers, millions of Americans, and billions of other religious people around the world don’t believe in evolution. You wouldn’t want to be grouped with those losers do you?

Let’s start with which areas of physics and science in general do you believe? e.g. electromagnetic force, just a theory? how about photons, do they exist?


The new evidence doesn’t disproof the great expansion, as a matter of fact, the great expansion is measurable and reflected in the cosmic back ground radiation. Like I said before, the Webb’s images only hints at the fact there might be things before the big bang.

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You’ve just assigned about 90% of the global population into the bin. :joy: That’s a daft thing to do.

I believe in science and also believe that most of science is still full of guff. I don’t believe it is sensible to say science is right, when so often it is wrong. I believe it is more realistic to say science is definitely a great way to understand the universe through theory, hypothesis, repeatable experiments, data, observations and is also fallible to mistakes, human errors, manipulation, fudging and cheating. What is wrong with that?

Agreed. The telescope is pointing out that there’s still a lot of guff to be ironed out though. I know I wrote earlier that the theory is balderdash, which may be a little too hyperbolic. I’m fallible. :grin:

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Scientific method. e.g. we know what atoms are made of.
Many theories are still in progress.
Some we might never solve

Gobekli Tepi is kinda cool

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Highly cool. Ancient civilisations are fascinating. Is it ok for me to point out that our evolutionary timeline based on the fossil record and ancient sea temperatures is currently… full of guff. :grin:

We are limited by when we exist in time. Science in 500 years will be very different to now. They may even have discovered that the multiverse is a calculating error (which I currently think it might be).

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‘multiverse’ and string theory is total bullshit. I’m starting to see your point more now


String theory is highly seductive. Beware. :joy:

I’m not the easiest person to understand. I tend to think in ways people find confusing or irritating. I’m very interested in science which is also a very confusing and irritating discipline. Double whammy.

They are just ways trying to square the probability based quantum theory with the world of larger things that are clumped together.

I mean if they think they are likely bullshit, there’s a high probability that you also find quantum mechanics to be bullshit, and yet it’s the thing powering your phone, GPS, and almost every new piece of technology these days.

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